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The Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat

The Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat

Divine Your Power on Idyllwild, The Sacred Mountain

To inquire about your own personal retreat, you can reach Patricia at 949-422-1168 or

Patricia Garza-Pinto offers a special one-on-one retreat for women in Idyllwild called the Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat, adapted from her “Divine Your Power” training and coaching program which is designed to facilitate a spiritual emergence. –Editor

I heard you moved up to the mountains and are running around barefoot with the deer. Is that true? (she laughs) Yes, I am, and it’s awesome! There’s a part of me that never thought I would experience myself to the degree that I am now, up in the mountains. I felt like my spirit was calling to connect on a deeper spiritual level with Divine Source/Great Spirit/God/Goddess/Mother Earth in a natural environment.

What is your one-on-one retreat for women like? I’m offering an experience for women who want to tap into that natural connected experience for themselves. To disconnect from your computer and phone and come up to The Sacred Mountain for a minimum of two nights, up to five, and we’re going to continue and progress through your evolution of acceptance and self-love.

What does that consist of? It includes eating for your body type. We’ll cook meals together so you can take this information back with you when it’s over. This is me and you working together in my kitchen. We’re going shopping for the food together, then we’ll come back and make it. I also have a full fitness studio where we experience “deep conscious movement,” and you’re going to learn to stretch for your body’s imbalances. You’re going to learn basic Qi Gong, which I call Stork in Flight, breast squats. There’s going to be energy breathwork. We’re also going to “ground.” We’ll go for hikes (barefoot, should you desire!) in the beautiful nature that surrounds us here. We’ll have meditations out on the large rocks, and we’ll have energy medicine healing sessions. There’s also art therapy mandala drawing. It’s a very integrated system which will allow you to fully express yourself. It’s a powerful, soulful immersion.

Is there some downtime too? Yes, we’re not just going from one activity to another. There are breaks where you are able to decompress and get into yourself. You’ll have your own room at an adorable little lodge just 60 seconds from where I live, all which is included in the fee.

And you will come out of the Immersion Experience feeling…? Oh my gosh, definitely more grounded. Balanced in your body, in your heart space. Healthier, which you can’t help but feel after breathing all that clean mountain air, hearing the tweetings of the birds, seeing the vibrant colors of the trees and the clouds. It just has a very powerful presence to it.

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