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The Energetic Power of a Gem

The Energetic Power of a Gem

What’s in Your Pocket?

Mahesh “Mike” Shastri is the CEO of Highglow Jewelers, the President of the Divine Art of Yoga Center ashram, and other titles. He is available for consultation by calling (562) 419-8282, or simply stop in at Highglow at 18644 Pioneer Blvd. in Little India (Artesia) and he will make time for you.

Mahesh “Mike” Shastri works most of the day at his business Highglow Jewelers, but he’s a spiritual teacher first and never hesitates to take a student of life aside to share his wisdom. –Editor


Given gemstones energetic qualities, which ones do you keep close to you and why?

MAHESH: I wear a yellow-colored precious gemstone called Yellow Sapphire on my Jupiter finer, the index finger, which is associated to protect from serious adversity. I also wear a green emerald on my pinky, which is associated with Mercury and has the amazing ability to increase my memory power, as well as my financial position and status.

What miraculous or healing effects have you noticed from wearing them?

The Jupiter gemstone–the sapphire–has saved me from near-death or serious injuries due to a bus accident in which I was traveling from Orlando to Dallas in a wedding party on May 24th, 1997 at 5am in Louisiana. The bus rolled over two and a half times. The police said it was a miracle that nobody died. It was all over CNN.

Since then, you’ve done a lot of research on the relationship between the energetic properties of gemstones and their effects on the body.

Yes, I did a fellowship at the Gemological Institute of Great Britain, and a specialty in diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America, which was educational and informative, I discovered that they were ignoring the growing field of research in this area of the energetic properties of gemstones. I helped promote these ideas there at first by forwarding them the research that had been done by respected experts and authors who had written on the subject, and then by giving talks and doing one-on-one consultations, which I do to this day.

I understand people come from all over to see you on this subject.

Yes, since 2002 people have found great success with the gemstones I have advised them to work with and carry with them based on their life situation, their trauma, and so forth. I use a dowsing system coupled with a body aura test we can pick up signals from. I actually do this free of charge because it’s my seva, my way to help people. If someone wants to make a donation to the Divine Art of Yoga Center of which I serve as President of the Board, I am happy to accept that on behalf of the ashram. The bottom line is everyone has different body chemistry, so whatever their independents needs are, I show them how gemstones can help.

You own a jewelry store with lots of diamonds, and yet you don’t wear any.

Ironically, they do not work with my system. This is something everyone needs to test: what gems work best with their specific chemistry and energy. It’s not the same for everyone.

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