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The Fears We Don’t Face

The Fears We Don’t Face

Become Our Limits

by Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt

Fear is a four-letter word and is perhaps one of the most powerful words in our language.

  • It conjures negative thoughts, emotions and actions
  • It can overtake our own personal governance
  • It can lay dormant and explode without warning
  • It can influence the very fabric of our life

Fear limits us from reaching our fullest potential in life, love and health because it is an energy of contraction, withdrawal, minimalization and diminishment. It is stagnation.
Fears’ counterpart is Love. When we navigate from fear to love, we live a life without limits. We expand, breathe, move forward, have passion and excitement.  We are alive and thriving to our greatest and highest potential. It doesn’t mean we don’t experience fear from time to time. But living a life with love means when fear does crop up, we navigate it with wisdom and faith. We know we will see it through and come out on the other side. We might even view it as an intriguing challenge.

How did we arrive in this place of living with so much fear? And, more importantly, how do we navigate from living a fear-based life to one of love?

We arrived at the place of fear when we forgot who we are, which is beings of light connected to a higher source of love who are never alone. We live in a place of fear when we create in our minds this false reality that we are alone. Although the solution is straightforward enough, it can be challenging in a three-dimensional world to find solace, comfort, wholeness and love from a place we cannot necessarily physically touch. To begin the mastery of this journey of knowing “love is all around us” in the etheric form, we must take the first step in having faith that it exists at all!

Most conventional religions start and stop and the stage of faith. Faith is only the beginning, and if it is the sole source of our journey, it can waiver and fail us. Without some eventual or real evidence, faith may leave us in a place of deep want. We must move beyond faith and be of a mind, heart and soul to choose to have more.

What is the more to have? Feeling and experiencing love of the Divine through prayer, meditation, engagement in service, connection and communication. Moving beyond faith and belief to knowing and feeling the source of life in the Divine Creator, Mother Father God, Allah, Creator of all That Is, etc. Love embodied. When we are connected to our source, we are and live Love. When we are disconnected from our source, we are and live in fear.

Courage is not the lack of fear, but rather the action of facing it.

In my own journey it was not the ability to have faith where my fears kicked in, but rather, taking the step of allowing it to be my truth and my full knowing and being in the presence of the Divine. You see, the ego will tell you it is your protector and best friend and for many of us, it has played that role. Taking the step to accept the Divine into your beingness is like having the courage to move away and leave all your friends behind. For a moment, it can be a daunting prospect (what if I’m wrong?). Follow your heart and trust it to lead you where your ego cannot go.

To begin, choose a fear you would like to be free of. Then, set the intention to see the truth of it. Through prayer and meditation command the truth of it to be revealed to you.

I recently experienced an enormous shift regarding being afraid of judgments from others. As an intuitive/psychic counselor and mentor, I felt a lot of judgment from my family for my career choice and my personality in general (I am very straightforward, and they are not). I resented their lack of acceptance and approval and “wrestled” with them in person and in my mind feeling like until I had their acceptance and approval of my fifteen years now “new” career (I used to be a CPA), that it was not safe for it to expand and thrive. My ego said, “the smaller my career, the smaller their judgments will be.” Upon having this truth revealed to me that I was holding myself back because of my fear of their judgments (which expanded beyond my family of course and to the outside world), I heard myself with great conviction and courage saying, “Screw that!” If they will judge and ridicule my work, they’ll do it regardless of the size or success of my practice.

Being in a place of love for myself, my work and the people I reach, helps build my confidence, which, in turn, enables me to expand into love and higher consciousness. I no longer feel the need to prove my career choice and level of competency to my family. I no longer have those imaginary conversations where I am talking about my work and they are nodding in approval. Now, I simply nod to myself in approval. I am filled with love for my work and my purpose and I no longer fear any judgments from my family or others for what I do and how I show up to the world.  There is work to be done here and I choose not to play small from any fears.

I live my life from the “inside out” and not from the “outside in”. Love is the energy of what is inside. My fears, in this regard, no longer limit my success. Once a fear is navigated and we have arrived at a place of love, we will never lose our way again regarding this same issue. We now have the courage to continue our journey navigating fears one by one as they come our way knowing we have the tools to get on the other side of them in our reach. Love conquers all.

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