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What part does prosperity play in spirituality?

The metaphysical Law of Abundance declares there is always unlimited, never-ending supply.  Prosperity is energy, just like unconditional love.  Therefore, there is always enough.  Cleanse away negative beliefs about money; give and receive unconditionally. Lack occurs when either our giving or our receiving door is closed.  We can open them!  Like love, prosperity comes when we fall back into the arms of the universe and allow it. – Janna Colaco

In French, which is my mother tongue, prospérité means being in a good place, wealth-wise but also health-wise and energy-wise. It means good luck, success, abundance, advancement, development… So to me, spirituality, as it grounds us deeply, leads and contributes to prosperity. Therefore, if you are prosperous (in a place of mental tranquility), you can more easily access the spiritual world. – J.P. Martin

I believe that prosperity is being in a state of abundance. It’s an energy we consciously CHOOSE to hold. When we are prosperous in certain areas of our lives, our spirituality—our personal connection with Source or our creator—expands as a result, and that source always wants us to prosper. Every soul has a life purpose and therefore wishes to be prosperous so we can share our gifts with the world. – Tina Ghahramani-Singh

For some people “prosperity” means lots of money.  For me, prosperity means an abundance of love, family, friends, education, happiness, peace, generosity, charity, forgiveness, etc. If you live a prosperous life in this way, you are likely living a spiritual life. Money certainly can be one a part of your prosperity, but, if money is the sole focus of your prosperity, then you are not likely living a spiritual life. – Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt

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