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“What the world needs now…”

Deirdre Hade

Poet·Mystic·Guide·Author·Founder of The Radiance Healing Journey

“…is to embrace the reality that we are all mystical beings of wonder and awe. When we awaken to the deep coherence of our inner harmony and stability, we become empowered; we make the shift into being a consciousness of radiance, an emissary of our true soul’s purpose. This frequency of heightened intuition and insight into the greater realities expands our intelligence into a quantum field of creation.”

William Arntz

Physicist·Author·Filmmaker·Creator of the movie “What the BLEEP do We Know!?”

“…is a switch from more money, more emails, more “likes”, to less stress, less intolerance and less desire for the mores. Our brain’s operating system has reached the breaking point. It is time to stop, be still, and reassess the directive of a world the heart cannot contain. It is time to redirect ourselves into the living awareness of mystery and soul relevance.”

Patricia Garza Pinto

Holistic Health Practitioner·Divine Power Healer.

“…is for humans to open their heart space for love. As long as we remain stuck in the spiritual disconnection of money as our God, materialism, and superficial beauty, we can never open up our heart space to Spirit, love and healing. Also, one must heal the body, mind and spirit through a wholistic lifestyle to heal collectively.”

Sandy Chasteen

Holistic Health Coach·doTERRA Purveyor·Wellness Advocate

“…is to remember our self-worth as spiritual beings in physical bodies. We must acknowledge our significance, awakening to how we reflect into the broader, unified ONE.  It’s time to step in to our power as unlimited beings of light.  We have forgotten how or why we are here.  We must speak our truth, releasing fear, fully embracing our ultimate responsibility to get over these fears and consciously move toward love.”

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