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The New 21st Century Woman is Free

The New 21st Century Woman is Free

Free to Choose, Free to Be

By Patricia Garza-Pinto

Patricia Garza Pinto is Founder of the Divine Your Power – Health and Wellness for the 21st Century training and coaching program. Divine Your Power is designed to empower women by raising their life force energy through a combination of daily rituals which integrate breath work, energy balancing, health, diet and fitness activities. She can be reached at 949-422-1168 or

When I set out to free women from the constraints society puts on them and divine their own power, I knew I had to show how much they were responsible for holding onto these constrictive and even enslaving societal ideals.

It’s not our fault we fell under this spell, like when we were learning how to dress to earn their approval—particularly of the men, some of whom thought we weren’t smiling enough!?—we simply weren’t awake when we were coming up in the tribe.

In that patriarchal system, we had to be careful not to overstep our bounds. They didn’t yet understand the value a woman could bring to the conference room or to leadership roles. They couldn’t make allowances for women needing to leave early to pick up their children, or to take a pregnancy leave to give birth to them in the first place.

And when she spoke up, she was unfairly chastised for being shrill, whereas her male counterparts were deemed aggressive at worst, ambitious at best.

But there’s been a shift in the cosmos. As we fully move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, a surge of the Sacred Feminine to balance the Sacred Masculine is (finally!) taking place.

More women are running countries. More women are running large companies and starting small businesses. More women are graduating college than men in the U.S., and women can now legally drive in Saudi Arabia.

And then there’s the Harvey syndrome. I’m writing this directly in the wake of a phenomena where a man’s name has become a symbol for sexual harassment, sexual abuse and more. A man in power abused his position by threatening the livelihoods of scores of women while traumatizing them mentally and emotionally.

A few ripples caused a tsunami of support from women all over the world who used social media to declare that they too were affected by sexual harassment or worse. The sheer number of “Me too” responses showed incredible solidarity and signaled an important change in whether any of us will stay quiet when someone else is being abused.

When we wake up to our power—our divine power—we’re no longer in people-pleasing survival mode. We know we’re connected to something bigger than any society tribe—we’re connected to the All, and we draw power from that and shine a light for others.

Now when we smile, it’s for us.

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