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The Rising Auto-Immune Epidemic By Susan Macknin

The Rising Auto-Immune Epidemic By Susan Macknin

Susan Macknin is a Registered Nurse and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She helps those in physical, emotional or spiritual turmoil by transforming their self-limiting beliefs and stressors. Susan looks forward to helping her clients heal and find inner peace.

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As an RN specializing in this growing collection of illnesses referred to as Auto-Immune, I’ve seen with my own eyes the drastic rise in this epidemic. There also seems to be a scarcity of information about the causes, prevention and treatments.

In some people, the immune system overreacts to substances that should be harmless, prompting allergies and other mild reactions. With autoimmune diseases the immune system malfunctions, attacking their own body with potentially permanent effects. Inflammation is a common symptom.

The main causes of autoimmune diseases:


  • Overusing anti-bacterial soaps: Being exposed to microbes builds immunity naturally, helping us fight pathogens. Over-cleaning this layer of defense weakens this ability.
  • Imbalanced gut bacteria: Healthy gut bacteria regulates the immune system. Overusing antibiotics, other medications, and processed foods destroys good bacteria reducing the ability to fight pathogens. Sugar nourishes bad pathogens in your gut, increasing inflammation.
  • Leaky gut syndrome: The digestive tract lining contains 70% of the immune system. Food additives, preservatives and gluten all damage the lining, creating holes in your small intestine allowing bad bacteria, viruses, and toxins into your bloodstream, triggering autoimmune responses.
  • Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin Dhelps regulate the neuromuscular system and suppress over-activity of the immune system. Deficiency can cause increased infections.
  • Stress: Cortisol, the stress hormone, helps regulate the immune system. Long term stress keeps the immune system on high alert, overworking, causing chronic fight or flight reactions and ultimately adrenal fatigue. Over- or under-production of cortisol affects how we combat inflammation.
  • Environmental toxins: Many commercial chemicals are toxic to the immune system. Processed foods, and pesticides like glyphosate in our food sources, damage the intestinal lining.
  • Lastly, there’s a large emotional component to the autoimmune cascade. Past trauma, history of abuse or other emotional stressors are all culprits if not dealt with appropriately.


Preventing and treating autoimmune disease:


  1. Improve gut flora and vitamin D levels. Fermented foods help “reseed” your beneficial bacteria.
  2. Avoid processed foods. Buy locally grown organic and whole foods whenever possible.
  3. Avoid over-using antibacterial soaps and cleaning products. Buy non-toxic natural cleaning products.
  4. Avoid unnecessary antibiotics. Not only medications but also added into your food, a major source of antibiotic exposure. Locally grown or organic meats shouldn’t contain antibiotics.
  5. Educate yourself on the pros and cons of vaccines, which manipulate your immune system. Make informed decisions about their use.
  6. Detox from environmental influences. Release physical toxins from your environment, practice stress management and emotional self-care.
  7. Receive Energy Healings to clear, charge, balance the energy field surrounding the body. Energy Healings can reduce inflammation, stress and pain, assist in removing toxins, improve immune functions, and restore balance to help the body heal itself. Energy Healings can reverse effects of disease. Commit to your health.
  • My passion and life’s work is to help you resolve issues that cause disease, discomfort, or pain. Since emotional traumas are a large factor in chronic illness, I work on balancing the mind-body connection through Energy Healings.


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