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The Sacred Mountain Beckons

The Sacred Mountain Beckons

Patricia Garza-Pinto offers a special one-on-one retreat for women in Idyllwild called the Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat, adapted from her “Divine Your Power” training and coaching program to facilitate a spiritual emergence. She can be reached at 949-422-1168 or

“Let’s go into the other room. We can chit-chat while I make us a hot drink.”

I’m in Patricia’s Garza-Pinto’s home, a gleaming cabin in Idyllwild that’s also the home of her Divine

Mountain Immersion Retreat for women who want to get in touch with their deepest selves and remember their divine nature in a special one-on-one experience.

She serves me a special tea of herbs, ghee, organic raw New Zealand Manuka honey and maca powder. Typical Patricia: organic, exotic and fun. She knows how to take care of a guest.

“What problems are women battling where the antidote is a mountain retreat?” I ask, man-curious.

“First of all, I don’t like to use the term problem,” she says. “I changed that for myself—I consider problems more a challenge because a challenge is something I’m inspired to work through.”

She continued, “Working through whatever that challenge is allows me an opportunity for growth, self-realization and evolution. What’s the challenge for many women? A lack of connectedness.”

You don’t have to know Patricia long before experiencing her passion for her shamanic practice and her magnetic energy. I couldn’t help being drawn to her.

I noticed the rocks around her neck. One is a hefty pyramid-shaped quartz crystal that magnifies energy and threatens to break the skin through your shirt when she hugs you, a price worth paying. The other has an ancient, mysterious look to it. “It was gifted to me by the earth, Pachamama. I thought it might be a few hundred years old but an expert says it’s between a million and 10 million years old.” Wearing both would be a “challenge” for many people, but she carries them with lightness and grace.

I asked her again about the antidote to lack of connectedness.

“I offer women the same thing I gave myself when I came up here to the Sacred Mountain. It’s a way to get quickly and deeply grounded with the earth and Divine Source, God, the Creator, Mother Nature, Great Spirit. You’re forced to slow down up here. It’s a small mountain town where everybody knows everybody. You can walk from one end of the village to the other in 10 minutes.”

“It’s also very quiet up here,” I say.

“Yes, and you tend to get more rest because of it. You get more introspection time and what arises from that is more mental clarity that you can’t get as easily down the mountain.”

In addition to all the amenities you could want, Patricia offers an exercise room with heavy equipment (she was formerly a personal trainer), stability balls, free weights and more. She also gets you out on the magnificent Idyllwild hiking trails, maybe even bare-footed in the right weather.

“I’ve connected deeply with my body through movement, which sometimes includes hiking barefoot,” she says. “It’s been proven to prevent inflammation in the body and increased antioxidants, which fights free radicals. It’s spiritually healthy as well because I connect with the aura of the earth and the nature of the trees and the rocks that surround me.”

The rocks? I ask.

“I found myself on the saddle of the mountain recently, passing a beautiful formation of boulders, which I’ve made my mission to touch each one and connect with them every time I go there. But there’s one particular

Patricia Garza-Pinto offers a special one-on-one retreat for women in Idyllwild called the Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat, adapted from her “Divine Your Power” training and coaching program to facilitate a spiritual emergence. She can be reached at 949-422-1168 or

rock that I touched and then put my cheek against. I smelled it really deeply and said, “You smell really good. You smell like the earth.

“The air is fresh and clean. You can hear the birds clearly, you can feel them.”

On this one-to-one woman-to-woman experience, she also grocery shops with you and cooks with you. “This is so you have tools you can bring home with you,” she says. “We also make sure to use food that matches your body type.”

Her fitness studio has everything from heavy equipment to exercise balls, and she provides a fitness routine that also matches your body type. In addition to being an energy-medicine healer, she’s a certified fitness specialist and CHEK corrective exercise coach.

“Many people I see have little or no core stability,” she explains. “Deep wisdom, the kind we all strive for, comes from the gut, the core. ‘My gut instinct tells me.’ If it’s shut down, then it’s not speaking to you as readily and it’s harder to hear.”

“So you draw a connection between core exercise and being able to hear your gut instinct?” I ask, curious about that connection.

“Yes, and not just your typical core.” she says. “Many people hear core exercises and then go off and pump out sit-ups. Sit-ups are the worst exercise you can do because you’re limiting your range of motion. I take a client through exercises that utilize the Swiss ball for optimum impact.”

She purposely has no equipment to sit down on because exercise should be a function of organic movement.

“There are seven primal patterns,” she elaborates, “bend, squat, lunge, push, pull, rotate and gait at a walk, jog or sprint. Based on my client’s body and balance, I teach them to do these properly.”

I saw Patricia speak in front of a group of people recently and remarked about how moved they were by her, giving her compliments and asking questions.

“It’s because I’ve discovered so much of myself on deeper levels on this Sacred Mountain, and they can sense that,” she says.

“My grandmother was a curandara from Mexico, a healer. She used hierbas (herbs) and did hands-on healing before I knew about Reiki. I feel I’ve taken on her legacy and her spirit lives through me. The other reason I do this work is because it’s helped heal me through some of my darkest times.”

“Self-healing?” I ask.

“I should be dead from an overdose or even killed because I put myself in very dangerous situations,” she says.. “I was at my lowest point physically, emotionally and spiritually but I’m here because I chose to get back into my first love, health and wellness.”

I mentioned that many people are attracted to healers who they sense have had similar experiences and actually healed those parts of themselves.

“Yes, people know that at an energetic level. People with inner-child issues will resonate with me because many parts of me have healed the wounded child within me. And the wounded child experiences itself as insecure, doubtful, fearful. I’ve worked hard to heal those parts in myself so I can help alleviate the suffering of those who are ready.”

And what better place for a wounded child to play than the Sacred Mountain in Idyllwild?

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  1. 2 years ago

    Thank you for this beautiful article! I resonate with what Patricia shares–especially using the word “challenge” instead of “problem” and having that personal, embodied relationship with Pachamama.