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The Toxins in Our Body Needs to Go

The Toxins in Our Body Needs to Go

Eliminate Heavy Metals, Free Radicals and Radiation for Better Health

Babry Oren is the CEO of Folium pX, a natural supplement that detoxifies the body, and is passionate about ridding people’s bodies of the heavy metals and radiation that are more and more prevalent in today’s industrialized world.


When would someone want to take Folium pX? Certainly when someone is getting sick at any level, but preventatively is important as well. The environment we live in on a global level is very polluted. The air is polluted, the water and the food. Pesticides and fertilizers are out of control. That’s what we all have in common. You can get organic food, but you can’t get organic air.  You can’t get organic water or anything close to it without high quality procedures. Still, it’s not filtered water that the fruits and vegetables are absorbing as they grow. It’s mostly polluted water. We’re poisoned by the air and the water, and Folium pX can rid your body of the heavy-metal toxins that accumulate as well as the radiation.

You’re talking about the mercury in tuna, for instance. Heavy metals are also in our drinking water. They come from many sources, like prescription drugs and inadequate filtration. We’re also talking about free radicals and radiation. There are many toxins in the body that negatively affect us on a daily basis. You can’t escape a lot of it. You can’t stop progress. Global warming is having an adverse effect as well.

So people first need to be aware. Yes, be aware and take care of yourself. We have created a product that’s 100% natural that rids the body of radiation, heavy metals and other toxins with no known side effects. It’s completely natural. So when you’re aware that these harmful toxins are in the food, in the water, in the air, you can use preventative measures and take it before you develop kidney disease, liver disease or any other major disease. You have the right to be healthy and, conversely, you have the right to be unhealthy. You have the right to understand how much of these toxins are in your food, and you have the right to stay ignorant of it, too.

Other products claim to do the same thing as Folium pX. How is your product different? Our tests are documented and proven to work scientifically and clinically on humans. Any time the U.S. government wants to take a look at that type of proof, we show them. Pharmaceutical companies synthesize chemicals to try to help this condition, but then you can have side effects and no one wants that.

Besides mercury, what other toxic heavy metals are inside of us?  Every single toxic and heavy metal that the soil has, unfortunately. Among them are uranium, barium, lead, cadmium and mercury in alarming doses. Even in a plant-based diet. Before Folium pX, it was frustrating because, if you know they’re in your food, water and air, it’s difficult to control their intake into your body. They’ve got to come out.

How many capsules should people take? You want to take one capsule three times a day 30 minutes before a meal.

Can children take it? Absolutely. We have a very high success rate with children.

What else does it do? It supports the immune system, which is obviously important. But it also reduces emotional and physical stress on the body. It has also helped people eliminate hemorrhoids and reduced high blood pressure.

How long does it take to get results? After only 30 days, hair sample tests show that the level of toxic metals decreases significantly. People also noticed slight differences in their urine and feces that showed Folium pX was having the proper effect. From 41% to 100% reduction of excess metals is the norm. Also, the tests showed that below-normal levels of essential minerals, the type of metals we need for our optimal health, were brought up to normal levels.

It also gives people more energy? Yes, more energy, clearer thinking and overall feeling better.

How else has it helped people? A disaster-response member of the American Red Cross came to us with a testimonial after being exposed to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He said he was pretty sure the whole area was extremely contaminated from molds to a questionable water supply. The water situation was so bad they were advised to not take showers for at least a week after he arrived. There was a considerable amount of toxic materials around so he had a hair sample taken to see if he’d been exposed.

What did it show? The first test showed high levels of uranium, radium and barium. His doctor recommended that he take Folium pX and to come back in a month for another review of his system. In a month, the levels of toxins decreased to virtually nothing. He was surprised because he knew uranium was a particularly tough element for the body to eliminate. He was also pleased at the extra energy he felt and that many of his allergies went away.

Wasn’t Folium pX used in the aftermath of Chernobyl? Yes, removing radioactive materials from their bodies had very favorable effects on those people. People who didn’t take it, by comparison, developed terrible health conditions. Today’s nuclear reactors are creating problems with leaks, and the wind is blowing the contaminated air around, causing more problems for us all. Many people get numb to the high potential of health risks, but you don’t have to. This simple capsule will combat the toxins.

Other doctors have sung the praises of Folium pX. What are practitioners saying about it? One doctor points out that the problem with our environment loading up with so many chemicals and toxic elements lies with industry and the bad practices in food production. Toxic chemicals in pesticides get ingested by us. If they kill bugs, they may have a similar effect on us. Plus, it’s been said that all these toxins could be having a negative effect on the gene pool; it doesn’t just affect you and me, but our children and our children’s children as well. It’s being passed on hereditarily, which means the human species is forever changed.

What made you get into this business? I had health problems of my own, and Folium pX got rid of the heavy metals and toxins in my body. When I met the manufacturers, I told them everyone should have this available to them and I immediately invested in the company.

Where else is this being sold? In dozens of countries on all six continents.

What else would you like people to know about Folium pX? Get your own hair test done at a lab and find out what’s gotten into your body without your permission. If you understand that radiation, heavy metals and free radicals are bound to have negative health effects, you’ll want to do something about it now. Call us now and we’ll be happy to assist you with the test. Folium pX is safe, it has no known side effects and starts working right away. Then hair-test again in a month or two and see the difference for yourself. The only side effects are more energy and a stronger immune system. And there’s nothing adverse about that.

How is it purchased? By calling 855-foliumpx (855-365-4867) or by going to

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