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The Ultimate Brain Tune-Up

Wake Up to Your Brain’s Unlimited Potential

Mary offers private sessions, seminars, programs, classes and lectures. She is offering a complimentary half hour consultation. You can reach her at (949) 661-6909 or

Mary McPherson is the founder of Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization and Wellness Center where she employs cutting edge techniques such as Brainwave Optimization and Hypnotherapy along with the ancient arts of Medicinal Aromatherapy, Meditation, Energy and Sound Healing. She holds over 17 certifications and licenses in the healing arts along with several certifications, degrees, patents and published technical reports as a chemical engineer, allowing her to understand healing on a spiritual and scientific level. – Editor

Mary, your wellness center focuses on the Brain; who could benefit from an optimized brain? Everyone! But mostly those suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, words) PTSD, etc. We start with a highly comprehensive assessment that can reveal where the brain may be out of balance, particularly if the client has suffered a head trauma or emotional traumas.

How does Brain Optimization work? It’s a noninvasive holistic technology that performs real-time balancing that supports the brain to put everything back on track. Once the brain is headed in the right direction, it starts to self-correct.

In life we go through hard times which can take us off track. The brain’s primary function is to be a chemical factory, so it should make chemistry to help us, right? We know it can make endorphins and serotonin, etc., so why can’t we have it performing at its optimal level again? Sometimes meditation, yoga etc. help, but the brain may need greater support to really perform at its best. That’s where we come in.

This sounds quicker than talk therapy. It can be. When people come to us suffering from unpleasant symptoms, we help bring their brain back to homeostasis as quickly as possible! Talk therapy is wonderful and we work with many therapists, but it’s only addressing the conscious level and can take time to see results. Hypnotherapy (which we also do) works with the subconscious and Brain Optimization works below the subconscious, the cellular level and works quickly. The good news is Brain Optimization is designed to help you quickly get back to your life, not to keep you coming back. Most clients have the results they’re looking for in as little as 5 days.

Can you then take your brain even further? Yes, we find that when the brain frequencies start to balance and become more harmonized, we operate at a greater potential. Clients go deeper into meditation, and it also opens up different areas of the brain, allowing it to operate at an ultimate high. That’s why high-performing businesspeople, doctors and professional athletes come in for Brain Optimization, to enhance their abilities and focus.

Brain optimization has helped me live a very full life. I not only have a Masters in Chemistry, but I’m an artist, a hypnotherapist, a teacher (we teach healing and spiritual classes here), just for starters. I’ve been called a Renaissance Woman and a well-educated gypsy. People laugh, but I think I live a great “optimized” life.

Tell me a little more about your other services.

We have a wonderful Sound healing lounge where we can work with clients one on one or private groups. Sound healing deeply relaxes the brain and harmonizes our cellular frequencies. It can help with many different issues and promotes deep healing on a cellular level.

To close, what is your favorite modality at your healing center? I would have to say hypnotherapy, we specialize in Past life regression. It is a powerful tool to wake us up to very deep self-knowledge. For me it’s amazing how people react to these modalities and the realizations they experience. I am deeply honored to support our clients to live their best life.

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