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The Universe is Calling— Will You Answer, or (Painfully) Resist?

The Universe is Calling— Will You Answer, or (Painfully) Resist?

By – Healing Light Family Acupuncture

It all started when my wife told me about all these wonderful breakthroughs and healings everyone had at a women’s retreat. I thought it was all great.

She asked if I would be willing to start my own group.

I thought, “Why not?” It resonated with me deeply, so I moved forward…

Until I was gripped by fear: who would attend a group that I would lead? Whoa, talk about resistance coming up!

My ego—my shadow—was coming forward to show me all the ways I could fail! Like, what did I have to offer? How could I possibly have anything to offer? As these thoughts persisted, I decided to give up on the whole idea. It was easier that way, right?

Then my very proactive wife announced that she had already posted my men’s group on Facebook and there were men interested!

This was a big “Oh s***!” moment for me. I had abandoned the idea, and now there were people counting on me to begin!

So I decided to inch forward, hesitantly. I started researching other men’s support groups. Maybe this would shore up my courage.

And then something magical happened: as I started to invite men to my Brotherhood Circle, they invited me to their groups and I got to experience what they did there. This would not have happened if I hadn’t “put it out there” in the Universe, and it completely brought it alive for me.

So by the time my event was ready to happen, my head was awash with a million creative ideas.  I wanted a space for men to be vulnerable and share; to feel respected and heard; for integrity and accountability to mean something, and the importance of the feminine and masculine energies…

Then I was worried that no one would engage, but I needn’t have been. When the day came, everyone engaged to the point where I barely got a word in myself!

The first meeting late last year was a roaring success! I was part of a collective of supportive men, who would support me just as much as I supported them.

So the Universe takes you where you need to go. I’m sure if I had ignored this sign—or married someone who wasn’t as proactive (thank you darling)—I would have gotten hint after hint until I couldn’t bear not doing it.

Sometimes we need the pain and suffering to act. Sometimes the ego needs to see how far it can go against this resistance before it breaks and will only surrender to the will of the universe once all other options have been exhausted.  When change like this occurs it can only be called miraculous.

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