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There’s Only One Thing to Know: Thyself

There’s Only One Thing to Know: Thyself

We Make It Easier Than Ever to Grasp

by Shauna Kossoff

If I were new to spirituality—if I’d just realized I have a soulful journey to pursue instead of living my life according to other people’s expectations—I would look for some classes that would stoke this fire of soul-desire, this mystical path of mystery. I would sit down at the computer, light some incense and treasure-hunt for something that interested me. What caught my soul’s desire was The Modern Mystery School.
And, if I was already a seasoned healer, teacher, light-bearer, magician, guardian or protector, I would keep my skills sharp by taking—or teaching—classes in Astral Travel, Clairvoyance, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Aura Healing, Crystal Reading, Jikiden Reiki, Soul Retrieval, 16 Petal Lotus Balancing, King Solomon Healing Series or maybe just Life Activation.
Science fiction writer Frank Herbert once said “The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve but a reality to experience.” Why not experience it in all its multifaceted glory? In all its multidimensional experience? Would you rather watch a police procedural show where they figure out a whodunit mystery or explore first-hand the mystery of your own soul by going deeper than you ever thought possible?
You might ask: “Can you learn this in a school?”
Yes, in the right school.
There are a few spiritual centers and schools around but The Modern Mystery School prides itself on sharing eternal knowledge that sages and mystics have known for a millennium. Oral traditions that were once widely known by all and lived in daily life nearly disappeared in the sands of time, and were even under threat of being destroyed. Much of this ancient wisdom was protected and brought forth for students who are ready to take that step into the teachings that reveal the ancient mysteries still true to life today.
You might ask? Can’ you just read all about it on the internet?
Yes, but you would only come away with a fraction of the experience.
Human interaction is required for the deepest wisdom to be absorbed. It’s how we were designed, we see how children suffer when they lack social interaction. Screen time is fine for the meantime but real growth happens by leaps and bounds with a real-time, face-time teacher.
It’s the difference between gathering information and absorbing wisdom. One is a lot more fulfilling.
“Know Thyself” is the underlying principle of The Modern Mystery School. As an international community of Light-Workers initiated in the ancient tradition of service, compassion and personal empowerment, we understand that to know your true essence is to understand that others are the same; we are all synonymous with the universe and God. Know that and you need know no more. The Modern Mystery School shows you how to get there and know that deeply.

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