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This is What We’re Here to Do, from Awakening Code Radio

This is What We’re Here to Do, from Awakening Code Radio

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Eric Rankin of the popular Awakening Code Radio show with Michelle Andersen (“Always about raising the vibration”) spoke eloquently about our collective mission while sharing about the recent Harmonic Convergence event that founder Mark Sims produced. 

    ERIC RANKIN: We’ve all heard the song ‘Age of Aquarius.’ Jupiter aligns with Mars, but it’s all the planets in this straight line on one side of the moon (in July 2020). It’s a unique conjunction that won’t happen for a long time. (Mark) was paying homage to the original Harmonic Convergence back in 1987 that’s still rippling through people’s consciousness today…

    I think it was only a weekend long back in the original Harmonic Convergence of just getting a global group meditation together. I think was probably the first time that somebody suggested something like that. And to focus on peace; to focus our attention on consciousness. We could not be living at a better time than right now: as so many of the wheels feel like they’re falling off all at the same time in our world, to redirect our attention back on this mission statement of what we call awakening… 

    And this is not a trend. It’s not a quickie little thing to do and look back on your life and say “Oh, remember when we were talking about awakening?” like it was a hippie movement. 

    We’re talking about something so big; this process that we call awakening. We’re expanding your consciousness. We don’t want to get tripped up in little terms and things that make it seem like it’s a fad because this is not a fad. This is what we’re here to do. The human species I believe, was actually engineered and placed here to have a great awakening collectively to learn important information and end up somehow serving an important purpose of our experience; the trials and tribulations of what it means to be in an earth suit; balancing consciousness; remembering who we are and the stories of our creation; and then sending that back into the collective field. 

    And right now, we are in a major course correction, I have to believe. It’s challenging. It’s not comfortable. In the moment, it feels like it’s feeding separation. But you can also look back at any moment in history that seemed like all of those things that were challenging, you know? Dangerous – how does it work out from here? And yet those were the moments that steered the human experience. And I think that’s what we are looking at. And we have to give it the time, the breath, the room, the distance to observe what is going on here. 

    And our mission statement, I feel like I believe 100%… All the details – I don’t know – but we are supposed to be turning our cameras, our recorders, our mirrors inward, on ourselves, and being part of the solution and not part of the separation problem… the separation of consciousness, or thinking that we are somehow controlling anything outside of ourselves. We are not. We are holding a vision, and if that collective vision is one of peace and service, to the greater good of all life in all dimensions…

To listen to the rest, go to your favorite podcast app or for the recent James Gilliland episode.

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