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Are you ready to take charge of your
health and well-being?

Are you ready to learn powerful skills for transforming challenging emotions?

Are you ready to connect with a like-minded community for support in creating

If you answered yes, then the Healer’s Circle is for you! Join me in this monthly live-online meeting, where we explore guided meditations, practices and flower essences that support and strengthen our Inner-Healers.

I’m offering the first meeting FREE to anyone interested in developing their innate powers of self-healing.

Upcoming Circle dates Saturdays: April 18th, May 16th, June 13th at 10AM PT

Visit to claim your FREE spot today!


What Does it Mean to Be a Healer?

A Healer is someone who shows up and takes responsibility for their own health and well-being and accepts that every challenge is fuel for transformation, providing opportunities to develop deeper skills for navigating life.

A Healer likes to be led by curiosity, embracing the mysterious nature of life and is comfortable with that which cannot be scientifically proven.

A Healer trusts and allows inner-knowing to be the supreme guide.

To be a Healer means taking time each day to engage practices that strengthen inner-resources, in order to create health and wellness.

To be a healer means having faith in the path of developing greater self-improvement and dynamic well-being.

You know you’re a Healer when you trust that the universe is operating correctly at all times.

A Healer understands that they have the power to put their Healer Self first in order to give themselves the loving acceptance they deserve. A Healer recognizes that this empowered way of being is inherently who they are at the core.

A Healer is kind to themselves when challenges arise by releasing self-judgments and embracing self-acceptance.

When you’re a healer there’s an inner-knowing that unveils itself to you. There’s an acceptance that you have all of the answers within. There’s a sense of wholeness that becomes part of life, with grace and ease.

When you’re a Healer you have a desire to join together with those who share the same values, to witness one another’s strengths and support one another during times of challenge.

Here is a link to a video clip of the Healer’s Circle:

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