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Transcending Separation, by Maria Lomeli

Transcending Separation, by Maria Lomeli

Maria Lomeli

Maria Lomeli

    We came to Earth to experience reality and transcend fear, transcend separation.

    The difference between us and extradimensional beings: we don’t remember who we are. That’s been our biggest challenge. We believe that we’re separate, even those who say that they know “we’re One.” Old conditioning is strong.  Yes we are One and we are currently in the process of embodying that truth. 

    A lot of these beings we call galactic beings: they’ve already figured it out. They know they’re not separate from the One and yet they haven’t lost their desire to create. They’re happy, living their version of “heaven on Earth.”  As part of the Earth experience we forgot our connection and that has been our biggest disadvantage. That’s what has kept us participating in fear realities where we are the victim, or we are being tortured where we are being part of a scientific experiment, or we are the one enforcing the punishment, etc.

That was part of the agreement coming into this incarnation, that we would take responsibility for being One with ALL that is

    The soul is also a construct, okay, but it serves a purpose because it gives us some sort of framework. As far as evolution, as far as past lives, future lives… as far as having some sort of container for the spirit or the essence. So, the soul can be broken up into the many lifetimes and experiences, and that is also fragmentation. 

    I, as my God-self, fragmented to experience separation and to gather different types of information; data. The fragmenting happened because of our own choosing, and because of realities (stories) we created, where conditioning and traumas were experienced. And in my opinion, we can now say they are Complete. They are Done. We don’t need to recreate them. They’ve served; we’ve gathered all we needed from them. And now we’re just trying to figure out how to get back…

    Talking to the fragments has helped me a lot. I can feel that some are more masculine. Some are more feminine. Then I begin to invite all parts to align as one. As One, we can use all of the knowledge, tools, and experiences to powerfully manifest a new reality here on earth. That is our mission.

    Again, you were never truly fragmented. But because you have to believe that in order to break yourself up into all these parts and have all these difference experiences, you have to also believe in methods to rejoin. We don’t really need to ask for forgiveness, for instance, but because we believe we do, it becomes relevant. And so, who cares? Just do it. All of this is just playing mental games with ourselves, and ultimately, we need to go beyond thoughts and mind. 

    Fragmentation happens with our bodies as well. We don’t even think about our organs as being part of One! We don’t think about our cells, or our circulatory system as part of the One – that same fragmentation. It’s carried out throughout all existence. We would be so much healthier if we did see our ourselves as One.  We have the power to embody that truth in this lifetime. Talk to yourself and your organs and thank them. They all have consciousness. You must remind your body, each part, that they are One.  So, you talk to all your body parts, you bring them back into alignment, just like if they were fragmented aspects of the soul.

    And even with these conspiracy theories, guess what? They’re all true. As a part of the One, we have been participating on all sides, in all conspiracies. So instead of denying them or waiting for them to become relevant to your life, just accept that they are all part of creation. That was part of the agreement coming into this incarnation, that we would take responsibility for being One with ALL that is. Now, although that was part of the agreement, and I knew that going in, I now have this awareness, and choose to pull all of my energy from any disempowering reality. Assuming full responsibility as a creator, I now consciously choose and create my reality. True alignment requires coherence at all levels. I can’t say I am One and then see myself as a victim as being somehow manipulated, abused, part of something that I’m not aware – whichever way sounds best to you. We have so much awareness, and we’re not using that information. We’re still waiting for it to be more relevant to us. It’s all relevant, because we are One.  

    The major fragmentation is not really at the subconscious level anymore – most of us are conscious. You don’t know, but you do know. Because now you see David Wilcock and Bashar and others telling you you’re not separate from them. So, having the awareness of it, you could start calling back those parts of you that may have felt like they were fragmented. You don’t have to wait for it to pop in your face. I’ve been very proactive about that. I’ve just imagined myself extending my grid out and collecting all of my pieces, whether I’m aware of them or not. It’s still a means to an end, and the end is just for you to remember “Oh, shoot, I was never actually fragmented. I’ve always been One. And that’s why I’ve always been innocent, and I’ve always been perfect.”

    How can we start now? You have to be real with yourself, you have to go deep inside, you have to bring those things up that feel out of balance and bring them into balance so we no longer believe we are fragmented. When you no longer believe you’re fragmented, you actually experience yourself as whole and complete, and that gets reflected on the outside.

    There are so many people that are really tuning into and anchoring “heaven on earth.” This is no longer a far-out idea or one that will happen five generations from now, but it’s actually something that we can start creating now, that we are creating now.  Be proactive with your own personal experiences and your own creations and know you are not separate from the One.

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  1. Natalie
    7 months ago

    I couldn’t have said this better myself. Maria you are an extraordinary being!

    7 months ago


  3. Thank you Maria! That was perfectly and beautifully said! As always! I think you have really captured what is coming into our awareness now. You put simply what our next task is, to empower ourselves and raise our consciousness at this crucial moment on the planet.