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Sel Sarkin

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Our second interview with holistic healer and psychedelics expert Sel Sarkin. ~Radiance

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RADIANCE: You hold a support group of sorts for people wanting to discuss psychedelics as a part of PsychedeLiA.

Yeah, PsychedeLiA Los Angeles is the community. We want to discuss safe practices for people who are embarking on psychedelic medicines for the first time and how to go about that. And then, more importantly, PsychedeLiA Los Angeles has a lot to do with making sure that people who have done the medicine have the necessary support and tools to help them integrate what they experience.

It’s just a support group, where you provide information and education?

Correct. Many substances are illegal in most parts of the U.S. One of its main rules is not to sell or solicit any of the psychedelic medicines. For example, somebody may have been offered a ceremony in Costa Rica. Have they done their homework? Do they know who the facilitators are? Why are they choosing that particular medicine? How many ceremonies are they going to do? And then a big question is, why are they doing it in the first place?

A lot of people hear that you can experience all kinds of mind-bending, soul-expanding experiences, that they can have fun doing it recreationally or they can do it ceremonially for a greater purpose. What are the benefits?

Well, it’s interesting that we use the word recreationally. It’s the same thing as if you take a pharmaceutical and say there are side effects. Actually, there is no such thing as a side effect. It’s an effect, a direct effect. However, these medicines are very deep in the way that they work.

Particularly in, for example, restructuring a lot of the brain chemistry.

In a good way.

And that’s the emphasis: in a good way. Many people will say before I took the (plant) medicine, I had lots of depression. Before I took the medicine, I was really anxious. I had a lot of fear. I had problems getting out of bed in the morning. I was not motivated. A long, endless list of self-defeating habits. Right after they had taken a psychedelic, something has changed. They no longer feel so depressed. Maybe some of the traumas that they were carrying have been released, particularly the fears that we carry, which keep us in these little boxes. And to make a healthy good choice when you’re in a tiny little box is difficult. Because you’re so consumed by this thing called fear.

And then we begin to see that this fear thing is not real because I no longer feel separate. Plant medicine allows you to do that. This is the reason we are having a Psychedelic Renaissance. One or two mushroom journeys have enormous turnaround in how someone with PTSD is feeling, whereas no pharmaceutical was even coming close to it.

That’s amazing.

You see radical changes, and people who are suicidal, I think in the United States, it’s 22 suicides per day, veterans. Those veterans who have access to psilocybin, MDMA therapy, ketamine therapy are having really profound great effects on PTSD and depression, right, particularly clinical and major depression.

And you hold these discussions in your living room every second Tuesday of the month?

Yes, which includes novices who has never done a psychedelic who’s curious because they saw their friend have an amazing experience, but they don’t know how to go about a way to do any research. It can begin here.

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