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Treating Your Body from the Areas of Ease

Treating Your Body from the Areas of Ease

Revolutionary Chiropractic Care
Interview with Abbey Hernandez

A graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Dr. Abbey performs specific spinal adjustments to a diverse population, specializing in prenatal, post-natal, and pediatric patients. She emphasizes that health is multi-faceted and needs to be addressed in several different areas such as regular chiropractic care, proper nutrition, functional movement, ample rest, and positive mental attitude. She can be reached at 714-465-2127 Prana Health Chiropractic, 18377 Beach Blvd.  Suite 217 Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

Why are you called Prana Chiropractic? To let people know there’s a deeper aspect than regular chiropractic care provides. It refers to the vital force and innate intelligence present in each person. In addition to your symptoms, we will seek out the root cause by looking at your innate self, your nervous system, that thing inside you that furthers your healing process. We’re going to help that along.

What do you specialize in? lately I’ve been getting a different kind of patient, people who are looking for a more holistic treatment. Before that I specialized in pregnancy and pediatrics, but a lot of people are now presenting with headaches, migraines, and anxiety. They have pain, discomfort, low function. I also have a couple patients with addictions, which started because of pain.

Opioids? Yes, and that can spiral into other conditions as well. It messes with your brain. Some of them are still in their teens.

How do they hear about you? Word of mouth, and there’s an addiction facility in the building. Because of my success treating them they keep referring patients.

You mentioned our innate healing intelligence. What spurs healing, and what stops it? In chiropractic, we have the three T’s: Trauma, Thoughts and Toxins, which everyone has to some degree. Trauma can be physical, from a car accident, for instance. Emotional trauma impedes you in other ways, and can be lodged in your nervous system for years until it’s cleared.

Thoughts relate to stress and anxiety we give ourselves? Yes, which can lead to those emotional issues. Many people don’t know they can actually control their thoughts and have better health as a result.

What about toxins? We’re in a constant toxin overload. They’re in our water, our food and the air. Toxins also result by negative thoughts and negative emotions there is a need to detox.

How does a chiropractor work with people’s emotions? Here is the key: instead of adjusting someone in the traditional way where you’re looking for points of pain, always looking for the most painful areas, Network Spinal Analysis begins with the areas of ease to the system, not pain.

You start with the areas of ease? Yes, because wherever there are areas of ease in the nervous system, it makes it available for access, like a safe entry point.

That’s quite profound and makes holistic sense. If you know the history of chiropractic, this is actually where it began before it changed to what I call Medi-practic, which changed its methodology in order to be billable to insurance companies. Chiropractic was actually developed based on the tone of the nervous system, and it’s gone away from its roots. We’ve brought it back.


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