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True and False Guides

True and False Guides

What you need to know

by Beth Lopez

When you think of spirituality and meditation, what words come to mind? Perhaps empowerment, purpose, healing?

Having a fulfilling relationship with your spirituality will help you live your life to its fullest potential. One way to do that is by having a true guide who is there to help you along your journey. That’s why it’s so important for you to be able to identify the true guides from the false ones.

Here are the typical attributes of a false guide:

  • They put you in a defensive mode.
  • They place you in thoughts of self-denial.
  • They can lead you toward destructive behaviors, like emotional eating.
  • They make it appear that you are in control, but that self-control can cut loose in an instant.
  • They will ultimately keep you down and prevent you from a positive, uplifting experience.


Not only will false guides prevent you from moving forward, they can undo all of the hard work you’ve committed to so far. Instead of retracting, however, push forward. That is your guide to lead you to something true and into real change.

True guides, on the other hand, may first appear to be more difficult to work with. They will challenge you and tell you truths you may not be ready to hear.

Here’s what a true guide will do for you:

  • They will offer you a different point of view.
  • They can’t and won’t force you to make any changes but will highly encourage it.
  • They will listen to you wholeheartedly, your strengths and your struggles.
  • They will honor your journey, no matter where you’re at with it.


Here is my advice on determining who the true guide is in your spiritual journey:

The best way you’re going to connect with your guide is through frequent, dedicated meditation. If you’re resisting a bonding connection, there are probably blockages and traumas causing that resistance. You must let them go.

It may take time, but if you make meditation a practice, it will help you all the way through your spiritual journey. From personal experience, when I’ve lost control of my daily meditation practice, life got more challenging than it had to be and even started to spiral. It brought me the conviction to discuss this topic because it’s so near and dear to my heart.

True and false guides are out there, so be mindful and take a moment to identify them before you welcome them into your mindset. True guides will help you greatly with your spirituality and maintaining positive vibes. True guides will only empower you.

Have you found your true guide yet? If you’re not being helped to live your life to the fullest potential, call me for a consultation we can begin work together on the next part of your sacred journey.

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