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True Healing is Deeper Than Body and Mind

True Healing is Deeper Than Body and Mind

Dr. Ajita Patel runs The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio in Old Town Tustin. For an Ayurveda or intuitive consultation, call 714-617-4593.

Dear Divine One,

What if there was a manual on life? A manual that taught you how to live so that you fulfill your highest purpose, so that you reach your fullest potentials, so that your relationships are harmonious and you move from moment to moment, from one stage to the next with grace, calm, faith and harmony, so that your health and vitality are nourished well by the right diet and a balanced lifestyle? +

And all of this was possible regardless of the challenges that came your way, no matter how poor or alone, no matter what your childhood was like, no matter where you are or whoever you are. This is possible and there is such a manual. This is Ayurveda, the complete science and wisdom of life, all of life. Every life in every circumstance.

This ancient wisdom has been passed on from generation to generation in India since the Vedic period and is now gaining more attention as the world looks for more holistic and safer alternatives to deal with disease. Come, take a closer look at this system of medicine and you will see that it is a manual that each one of us will benefit from tremendously.

Health is defined as Swastha in Ayurveda, Swa: Self, astha: established. This means being stable, clear, alert, Self-aware, grounded, balanced, having high self-esteem and healthy self-love, living in harmony with yourself (which implies with others too), knowing your responsibilities and needs, and honoring your body and your own truth.

Being firmly established in the Self means acknowledging that there is within you a higher Self, a pure essence that is sacred and eternal. Strengthening this spiritual connection is the goal, according to Ayurveda, and is a result of living harmoniously with wholesome habits that create a strong immune system, vitality and mental clarity, this is ojas. A robust container that will protect against all that can be potentially harmful: bacteria, virus, negative energy, stress and the twists and jolts that come along the way.

Whether in mythology or in our own bodies, In the outside world or conjured by our own mind, there seems to be a battle. A struggle between light and dark, positive versus negative, harmony versus conflict. When one is stronger the other is weaker. In the body there is a beautiful system of homeostasis that ensures the health of every cell and organ, a constant alertness and adjusting to the needs of the body. There is constant effort to reach a balance, a state of equilibrium of health and harmony. This is a powerful intelligence that governs, protects and repairs our body. Ayurveda provides the tools to strengthen this intelligence of the body to function optimally. The tools are wholesome foods, herbs and body therapies. There are ways to cleanse the body of toxins, strengthen digestion and build ojas to win the battle between health and disease.

In the emotional and spiritual realms, on the battleground of stress and toxic energies within and around us, the system of homeostasis is beautifully provided by yoga, pranayama and meditation. Armed with faith and love we find the strength to face the challenges and stressful circumstances. We strengthen our own light, raise our own vibration, choose positive thoughts, respond lovingly, choose more and more of that which is harmonious and pure.  Ayurveda gives these tools as our daily sadhana (spiritual practice) and so we build our ojas each and every day.

Why do we get sick? Why do negative things happen to us? Perhaps our toxic environment, poor habits, stress, limiting beliefs, doubts, worry, fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, our karma, genes…. What does it matter anyway? Let Ayurveda empower you to be pragmatic and take responsibility for your own health from this moment forward. The step by step journey begins with building self-awareness and learning the daily habits around food, sleep, spiritual practices and learning to live so mindfully that you are fully alert to what your body and intuition is telling you. Everything that comes in through each of our senses affects us and can be used to create healthy body and mind. True healing however, is one that goes deeper and is more subtle than our body and mind, it is a transformative spiritual experience of self-realization. According to Ayurveda, disease and every crisis is an opportunity to go deeper within, to make peace, to become free from all limitations and experience our true Divine nature. Let the journey towards better health lead you to your own inner bliss.

Dr Ajita Patel runs The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio in Old Town Tustin. For an Ayurveda or intuitive consultation, call 714-617-4593.

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