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Tuning Back into the Earth and the Masters

Tuning Back into the Earth and the Masters

Jerry Yusko (714) 485-3580

Jerry Yusko is a healer like you’ve probably never seen. In fact, since this interview, he put together a special group walk called “Day of Silent World Healing” to send out love and energy to anyone who needs inner peace or wellbeing. His Facebook post said: All you will need to do is walk among the people and send out whatever Source knows they need. If you like to join me in sharing your love and light and lifting the vibration of our planet then please join us in a simple walking

Why do you start out looking at people’s aura—how does that work? That tells me what’s happening with them, whether their shoulders out of alignment, whether they’re in pain, their emotional and mental state of mind. And then if I want to go further, I go into their chakras let them know whether their instincts are distinct with each other, and then put them back into alignment through a couple of techniques. I use a hands-on transferring of energy of their own back into the body, and also a scanning technique of realigning energy within their body.

Have you always been able to see people’s auras? No, although I could tell things that were going to happen in the future before they did. Later I could look inside someone and see the blood flow, the bones… I can see all kinds of things.

What do people tell you after a session? They feel fantastic. It’s about having less restriction to their energy so it can actually flow through them. I move it up through your spine, almost like a Kundalini type of energy. But your higher self told me exactly what you wanted to be in alignment to your purpose in gold at that moment. This is what your higher self said you truly needed.

You teach classes at BOTI Studios in Anaheim and help people enhance their natural abilities to become healers as well. Yes, the techniques are about bringing out your natural talents. I like to see what you’re truly capable of, compared to what you think you want to do. Wouldn’t it be interesting to live in a world where people were raised this way and everyone’s operating off their intuitive abilities? There was that kind of world before right before religion sort of took a big hold, however, was like back.

How was like back then with that? Are you talking about Lemuria or Atlantis or during the Golden Ages of the Persians and the Greeks?

Any of them. Perhaps the time of pagans and Druids too? Yeah, depending on which side of the fence you are on. It was a nice time because my own philosophy about this is the teaching of the ascended masters and how to ascend into light because that’s what I’m doing right now as my daily ritual. The knowledge has been so scaled down to what we truly can do as human beings.

The energy is abundant for everyone. So if you really wish to learn your modalities, and who you are what you can do, this is the time for Doing

We really need to tune back into Mother Earth and the higher masters to really start bringing in that energy of the universe and the great thing about right now is that we’re going through the galactic center. The energy is abundant for everyone. So if you really wish to learn your modalities, who you are what you can do, this is the time for Doing.

Who’s the kind person who should be looking you up on Facebook and booking a session with you? The general public, but the most of the people that I’ve worked with are other people that do exactly what I do. One thing about me, I’m a cold reader, I don’t use tarot cards, crystals or pendulums or anything like that. I just can look at you and say, “This is what’s going on with you.”

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