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Utopia’s Within Reach if We Learn to Love Ourselves – Leora Leon

Utopia’s Within Reach if We Learn to Love Ourselves – Leora Leon


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Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Energy Healer, Channeler, Past Life Regression Therapist, Leora Leon is a healer foremost and a humble one at that. Having overcome severe trauma from childhood and now raises a son with autism, she is no stranger to challenge. She also knows the miracle of forgiveness and grace, and this interview also covered past lives and alien encounters! Radiance

Life Regression sessions are so transformational in this life. Why is that? Because we had all kinds of experiences in our past lives and brought that energy forward. It stays with us. We don’t dissipate that energy, we carry it with us, which turns into an energetic shell, or an “incarnation shell.” So we carry hundreds or thousands of these shells until we start to become awakened and we release them. Sometimes through dreams, or through every day activities. When we go through depression, sometimes that’s something from a past-life you’re getting rid of.

We release them through energy healing, and probably the best way of all is through Past Life Regression (PLR). I’m certified with Dr. Brian Weiss.

Who wrote the famous “Many Lives, Many Masters.” Yes, a real sweetheart and very wonderful to work with. When I first saw him, it was in front of 900 other people in this auditorium. I always had severe neck pain at that time, so when he did a 30-minute PLR on me and I went into a Roman lifetime. I saw the barbarians riding into my village, they made us get on our knees and then chopped our heads off! My fiancé in that life led the charge, and he’s someone I know in this life.

After I experienced that past life, my neck pain disappeared completely. It backs up everything. The reason I like this better than an energy healer telling you “This is your past life,” the client gets to experience it. And you experience what you need to experience that correlates with how you’re living in this existence at this time. As you’re experiencing it, it helps you release the energy of that lifetime. That’s why it’s so healthy.

This is apparently a very exciting time to be born into because so many souls have asked to come forth now. Didn’t we come to release all the energy from these lifetimes, and to what effect? I believe that we all start out in the divine. We all have the God flow. We come down either on a mission or to experience something in a body that reincarnates. But typically now, there are millions of people who have come to help raise the vibration of the Earth. The Earth was put here to help raise the vibration of the multiverse, which creates love. And that’s what the whole cycle is about. Coming down to create love over and over and over again.

That’s pretty much why we’re all here and awakening at this time. To balance out the universe.

So we’re balancing out the universe by releasing thousands of incarnation shells? And there are so many different dimensions and futures we’re living in, so it’s not just a continuum of life after life after life, we’re in different dimensions, on different planets, in different bodies, so we’re releasing all of that.

It sounds like an Age of Healing. It is an Age of Healing. A lot of the healers and light workers have come down at this point to help change the vibration of our planet. What I was told through channeling is that just as on our planet there’s positive and negative, in the multiverse there’s positive and negative. Aliens actually created Earth and other planets like it in different universes where there are incarnational beings, so we could generate love and balance in the multiverse.

What would you say to people who don’t want to entertain the notion of aliens’ importance in our ascension? That’s their vibrational level. All I would say is I’m aware of it, that there are many people aware of it. I’ve been abducted, I’ve woken up in the middle of an abduction… there’s nothing to be fearful of. Some concepts are difficult for people to understand. It’s just their level of vibration. One day they’ll understand, and hopefully one day soon we’re going to see the existence of aliens in our reality.

And how are we going to see that? Are they going to announce themselves in Sedona? (laughs) I hope they show up in Washington D.C.! On the lawn of the White House. I don’t know, there’s so many people out there with so many sightings, and there’s been so much fear wrapped up in it, but I also think it’s changing.

Will there always be fear of all this? Even in the multiverse, there will always be the low vibration and the high vibration. As far as Earth goes, I’m hoping that we can evolve to a Utopia. I’ve been on a planet where there was pure Utopia: no hunger, no violence. Everybody made the same amount of money, everybody had access to everything. There was no wealthy and no poor. The thing that they were in a “race” about was who could be the higher vibration. So everybody would spend all day raising their vibration.

It’s been said that Atlantis took some time to get to their golden age, their incredible Age of Enlightenment. Right. Although a lot of light workers were devastated by the elections, if you look at the type of government we have now, we needed to have that to swing the pendulum the other way.

A disruptor. Exactly. So now you can look and see it’s created a lot of good. Negative causes positive by contrast.

It feels to be there is a new spiritual renaissance coming to be, don’t you think? Absolutely.

How do you see that playing out? I just see everybody more involved with loving themselves and loving others. I think the greater majority is about love and spreading that. Even the people who you think aren’t there… our drop of water ripples out and it makes a difference.

You teach these types of workshops, right? Yes, the one I love to teach the most is “Love Yourself, Change Your Life.” It gives people tools of how to change their life in a 30-day program, which is how long it takes to change a habit. In all the things I’ve deal with in my own life it’s been one lesson after another. I’ve been able to find an equation that allows you to love yourself. Because when you love yourself, everything comes to you.

Visit for her latest classes or to get a remote reading.


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