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Wellness Care

Wellness Care

You Know Better Than to Wait

by Benjamin Horning, DC

The idea that if you’re not sick, then you are healthy is absurd.

As with anything, there are gradients to health and wellbeing and, since there really are no absolutes, in this physical universe, you can then deduce the following axiom: You can always improve and get better, giving your body the tools it needs to reveal your underlying natural state of optimal health.

Wellness care enhances your life and pushes you towards your unlimited potential. The only restrictions or obstacles in regards to this would be how far you go with it. There are more and more advances in biohacking (a positive, d-i-y term that means learning about things for positive purposes), where you can discover how to help yourself. So, therefore, if you do your homework, you can improve your current state of health

Whether it be ketosis, intermittent fasting, cold-shock proteins, neurocognitive games or chiropractic, the potential for balanced health is out there. Yes, you read the last sentence correctly, I said chiropractic. I might be biased to this because it’s my profession, but I can tell you firsthand that chiropractic enhances your life and is the gift that keeps on giving.

This is where body-builders come in. They get treated and then often see improvements in their lifts. When you enhance someone’s nervous system, you enhance that person’s overall ability to function. Coupled with nutrition, exercise and a proper wellness plan, you can achieve new levels of health. This is your obligation to yourself because it puts you in control of your own destiny.

With new things coming on the horizon, it’s a great time to be alive. Living can be more enjoyable with that extra energy or mental clarity. You owe it to yourself to live clean and healthy. By taking proper care of yourself, you’ll more easily reach your personal goals and better achieve success.

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