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What Does a Life Coach Do?

What Does a Life Coach Do?

By Donna Bond, M.A.

As a professional life and business coach, Donna Bond, M.A. offers inspiring workshops and transformative in-depth coaching programs. A graduate of USM where she earned her master’s in Spiritual Psychology, Donna’s work centers on serving individual transformation of consciousness helping clients transform the world around them from the inside out.

It’s art season right now and I am at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts five nights a week with my husband who is an exhibitor. We have a lot of conversations with a lot of people. Nightly I am asked, “Are you an artist too?” I reply, “No, I’m a professional life and business coach” and they typically say, “Cool. What does a life coach do?”

“I help YOU become more of YOU” I say. “I assist you in sorting through your belief systems and help you identify beliefs that may be outdated or don’t really apply anymore to how you want to live your life today and are unknowingly creating a “drag” on your life. I help you find out what is true for YOU, regardless of what you may have been taught by your parents, teachers, religion, culture or whoever.

“Then, together, we explore ways to bring your life into alignment with your inner truth and identify steps you can take to help you live a life you love.”

A life coach assists you in bringing clarity to what you would love to experience in your life and helps you move into action to bring that vision into reality. I really treasure the opportunity to help facilitate that kind of impact to someone’s life.

Everyone wants to experience expansion in their life, be it in their health, relationships, career, creative expression, time, money and freedom. You get stuck in life because expanding yourself into something greater requires you step out of our comfort zone. And that can be scary. Being supported by a coach is gives you a partner who can hold a space of potential and possibility for you, even when you are having trouble doing so.

As a coach, it’s my intention to inspire the inner wisdom you have for your life. Coaching is not about giving advice or telling someone what to do, it’s about helping individuals find their own answers in  discovering and expressing what feels best to YOU.

Donna Bond, M.A.

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