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What Is the Source of Your Pain? By Susan Macknin

What Is the Source of Your Pain? By Susan Macknin

Susan Macknin is a Registered Nurse and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She helps others in physical, emotional or spiritual turmoil by transforming their self-limiting beliefs and stressors. Susan looks forward to helping her clients heal and find inner peace. Contact: 561-445-4878

Family and Systemic Constellations allow us to peek into the family’s soul to identify and resolve the source of current issues or negative lifelong patterns.

Out of unconscious loyalty to the family soul, we can unknowingly identify with a previous family member.  When there’s been a tragedy or trauma, or someone in the family was excluded, died young, or suffered a difficult fate, someone in a following generation will unconsciously step in and bring that person’s destiny back by living out that fate in this lifetime. This is our way of staying connected to a loved one, or even to an unknown ancestor, or to heal some aspect of the family’s soul.

These energetic forces can show up as relationship issues, illness, family dynamics, financial or career challenges, or any negative pattern or trauma you may be experiencing.

The science of Epigenetics explains that environmental influences affect genes turning on and off.  In other words, genes can be expressed or repressed due to traumas.  This also explains how we can inherit emotional traits since these influences affect our DNA. Through Family and Systemic Constellations you can identify and understand the unconscious connection.  In doing so, we can finally let go of what’s been keeping us stuck or no longer serves our soul’s journey.

A Constellation starts by building a “living map” of the client’s presenting issue.  In a workshop setting, other participants are called upon to represent the client’s family members or presenting issue.  In a private session, small figurines or other objects will represent the family members.  Creating this living map usually shows where the issue or tension exists, and where the work needs to be done to restore harmony and balance.

Regardless of how representatives are chosen, the results are very profound.  By having the client witness these dynamics as an outsider, the client sees the issue through a new lens and with a new perspective.  Unlike psychodrama or similar therapy, these representatives usually stand in silence and may be guided to move slowly or say words that are needed to move the energy towards healing.

I’ve seen many profound healings occur, as well as the ripple effects it can have on the family system when an issue from the past is identified, acknowledged, and left in the past. This healing modality probes the family soul, brings hidden dynamics to light, and releases entanglements. Emotional and physical suffering can be understood and many times can be healed.

My passion is to provide this work to anyone who wishes to find a gentle way to let go and surrender, disentangle from the past fates, and find peace through the family line.  This profound work brings long-term, and often life changing, resolution.

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