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For some people, wellness means not being sick and having good health insurance. “If I get sick, I’ll let the doctors take care of it.”

Others take preventive action to avoid those doctor visits by swapping out processed foods for whole foods and plant-based foods, integrating more natural products into their routine such as water filters, using biodegradable and organic personal care items and household cleansers, getting out in nature and exercising more. Many times, you can even feel increased wellness as you make these changes.

I particularly like this perspective from cancer survivor, author and wellness authority Greg Anderson: “The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.”

Does that sound like a lot of change? The good news is it can be done as you go, incrementally, so that benefits compound over time.

For instance, if we get outside and realize how much we love hiking, we might watch less TV and spend more time with friends and family in nature.

Which in turn will make us feel more in touch with the earth, our bodies, ourselves and others, making it easier to enjoy other healthy life changes. Win-win-win.

Where do you start? With either the body, the mind or the spirit.

BODY: Yoga’s a standard, and so is taking a daily walk/hike, playing sports such as golfing or swimming or more esoteric courses like Qigong or body-benefiting classes in gemstone energy, essential oils, Ayurveda or nutrition.

SPIRIT: Maybe you prefer classes in energy healing or the Bible or I Ching (or other sacred texts or spiritual practice study groups).

MIND: They say your body hears (and reacts to) everything your mind says, so not worrying about the future or mourning the past contributes to our wellness a lot. (I also hear good things about this new thing called meditation.)

Radiance Magazine’s wellness message: discover what works for you.

In these pages, in every issue, we’ll introduce, discuss and explore all facets of wellness, including the experts behind them. You’ll have a cornucopia of options to whet your wellness whistle and inspire you to experience the life-changing benefits of the healing arts. In every issue, contributors offer many free or discounted sessions for just that purpose. Check it out right here and enjoy.

The first-ever Holistic Healing Awareness Day sponsored by Radiance Magazine on March 24 created more awareness for the mind-body-spirit approach to healing. Thank you to everyone who shared it online and participated in it. Along with Holistic Pet Day, we hope to get Holistic Healing Awareness Day on the national calendar to encourage a happier and healthier society at large.

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