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When Holistic Practitioners Become Professionals

When Holistic Practitioners Become Professionals

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Supports You

Camille Leon is a speaker, author and innovator. She believes in a healthier and happier world through our choices. Her passion and her business is finding solutions to today’s challenges and making it easier to choose the best options. She can be reached at (310) 490-6862 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Camille Leon started the Holistic Chamber of Commerce seven years ago to give consumers a place to find professionals who offer a comprehensive and natural approach as to the health and wellness of themselves and also their business, their money and so much more. Camille’s other message is for these healers and professionals to own what they do and not be afraid to charge a fair price for services.


Some practitioners who aren’t doing as well suggest the national political climate could be blamed.

CAMILLE: There are 3.17 million people in Orange County. Plenty of potential clients, customers and patients. The law of abundance, right? There really is plenty for everybody. By utilizing the resources of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and working together, especially in places like Orange County, we make it more attractive to consumers. Someone who would not ordinarily consider a holistic option will see an organization like the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and say, “Oh, they must be professionals.”

Are people in general taking less care of themselves? Are they less likely to hire a healing practitioner, for instance, because they’re not really thinking about self-care?

It’s because they’re not hearing about holistic health and wellness, that the message isn’t getting through enough. And yet we’re pretty clear that those people would all benefit from it, whether it’s seeing a chiropractor, getting a massage, getting a colonic, seeing an acupuncturist or getting comfortable with essential oils or energy medicine, not to mention emotional health and wellness. There’s physical fitness, emotional health and wellness, and there’s also financial health. Who couldn’t benefit from all of that?

What else does the HCC represent?

This is a trickle-up movement. I don’t say things like “give and take.” I say “give and receive.” Give and receive is collaborative. Give and receive is sharing and caring. My job is to create the bridge that allows more mainstream people—consumers—to see the benefits of engaging their health and finances and business from a holistic perspective. People don’t have to settle. They need to know they’re worth this kind of whole, comprehensive approach.

How much attention should such a professional pay to their brand and their message?

A lot. It doesn’t matter if we’re a good healer or not if no one is listening to us or seeing our message. If no one is coming to you because you refuse to be online, or you just haven’t gotten around to your website yet or any of your free social media profiles, it doesn’t matter that you’re the best healer because those 3.2 million people can’t find you.

What about the ones who say they have enough clients?

I would say, “You do have enough, but I thought you were a healer, here to help heal the world? I love that you’re preaching to the choir, but are you doing anything to preach beyond the choir, the people who really need you? And don’t tell me that they can’t afford to pay you because some of the wealthiest people are actually hurting the most.”

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