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This is Where Brandon is Going, by Leora Leon

This is Where Brandon is Going, by Leora Leon

Leora & Brandon

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When Brandon, my 25-year-old son, passed away recently, I was somewhat prepared because he had a terminal health condition. Early on, being a spiritual practitioner, I thought a great deal about how I might handle the impending death of my son. I assumed for some reason it might be easier. 

Two months before Brandon passed, I went for my usual run through the neighborhood. The sun was setting, and its rays filtered through the houses and trees. At one point, a patch of rays covered me completely. I felt their soothing warmth, and their brilliance embraced me. 

I heard a voice telling me to go into the sun. Somehow, my spirit left my body and headed into the sun. Mind you, I was still running, but found myself going head-first into the sun. 

I found myself immediately on the other side. It was pure bliss. I saw all white, and what I imagined it would be like in the Divine. Instantaneously, I heard a group of voices saying, “This is where Brandon is going.” I was comforted momentarily, experiencing his final destination. Then I went back into my body and continued running. I knew this was something I was to hold on to.

As Brandon’s health rapidly declined, we put him in home hospice care. It was surreal and things happened so fast. We were told he might recover and hung onto those words tightly, but his condition continued to go downhill.

Two days before he passed, I received a message to perform a healing on him. As a shaman, I run certain protocols that give me information about a client. For example, the right leg, knee to toe, shows forward movement in life. I also typically see clients in a car driving up a mountain, and where they are on the mountain tells me where they are in their journey. I have seen only one client on top of the mountain, which told me that most of her karmic lessons were finished.

When I placed my hand on Brandon’s knee, I clearly saw him on top of the mountain. His hands were raised in the air and he was jumping up and down and yelling, “I’m free! I’m free!” Another poignant sign from Spirit. 

My son passed on February 12, 2020, at 3:20 a.m. It was excruciating for me, to say the least, as I saw his body become yellow and wax-like. I photographed him like that, as I desperately wanted to hold on to his physical existence on the earth. All of my spiritual teachings went out the window. I was totally in the physical, experiencing the most god-forsaken event of my life. 

Everything became blurred and dreamlike for days. Nothing seemed real. Viewing the photo I had taken of my deceased son, I saw only an encasement, a mere shell of who my son was. I knew he was so much more.

What do I miss the most? I miss his touch, his hugs, his unconditional love for me. But now, through the pain, I embrace my spiritual teachings, remembering where he is now and how happy he is. His life and death were always about him, his time on earth, the challenges he took on, and—most importantly—who he picked to share this life with. Me. His mother.


Leora Leon overcame childhood physical and sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, cancer, as well as raising a son with severe Autism. She is certified in many modalities, such as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Shaman Energy Healer, Channeler and Past-life Regression Therapist. She now helps people change their lives and is teaching her educational series called “Love yourself, Change your Life.” She can be reached for consultations or appointments at


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  1. Marilyn Carson
    6 months ago

    This is such a beautiful and touching story. It helps so much to know Brandon is in a beautiful and peaceful place now. I’m sure this is very reassuring for others who have lost loved ones.