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Why Astrology Works

Why Astrology Works

“Know Thyself” and Laugh at the Rest

TeriLynn Cansee is an internationally known psychic who’s honed her paranormal talents to provide her clients with the most precise and profound readings possible. For a scintillating phone reading with Teri Lynn, call her at 1-800-251-3754 or contact her online at You can also email her at:

Let me start by saying I don’t know if all intuitive astrologists work like this but I do, and it works out very nicely for those clients who call me or come to see me for a reading.

I read for people and I also teach. I show people how to use the information that comes through me so they can be empowered moving forward. It’s much more than a reading.

After all, we’re in an age of awakening, the quickening, the intuitive understanding, insight, light of knowledge. People feel it and are responding to it. They want to know themselves better so they can navigate their path with more clarity and, yes, joy.

While it’s true that the lines in your hands say a lot and the date of your birth says a lot, astrology is a complex subject. In the right hands, it provides answers to the Socrates/Plato/Pythagoras statement to “Know Thyself.”

To truly get a sense of Thyself, you need to “tune in.” I can help you do that. It’s no different than when you learned to walk, talk, read and understand life; this is something we can learn to do.

So when I read for someone, I not only give them information, I teach them about how to know themselves.

For instance, some people come to me either self-absorbed, self-satisfied, self-destructive or self-sabotaging. Do you see the pattern? “Self” is the starting point, and the manner in which you allow the self to be pampered or abused is through your thoughts, which result in feelings of anger or joy, etc.

Everyone knows we inherited our hair color, eye color, body type and the rest of our DNA from our parents. Now, more and more people are learning we inherited our mental, emotional and spiritual natures, even our karma, unconsciously from our family and all of it is heavily influenced by friends, lifestyle and choices.

Thoughts make the life, folks.

What does this mean? That until you wake up, you’ll keep running with the same thoughts and life that were given to you without your knowledge. Time to change the conversation, agreed?

A key, here, is to recognize how long you’ve been “feeding your thoughts” with lack of worth, lack of appreciation, lack of confidence, etc. Then you can go back to that place mentally and emotionally to reset the “you” you are now building.

I leave you with this: in this moment of wakefulness you’re undoubtedly experiencing, enjoy the refreshing freedom of knowing you can choose your thoughts. They can pop like popcorn kernels but that doesn’t mean you have to eat them. Be detached from them. Marvel at their desperation to be acknowledged; you may even become laughable now because you don’t take them seriously anymore. Now choose the ones to act on all the more wisely. Love and light.

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