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Why Did This Happen to Me Again?

Why Did This Happen to Me Again?

Stop Repeating Negative Patterns

Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman brings a clear consciousness, delightful humor and a passion for her calling as she shares her positive spiritual message. At the Oneness Center OC, she draws from many of the world’s spiritual traditions as well as positive psychology. A teacher of teachers, she facilitates classes online and in person. To receive your FREE NEURO-MEDITATION DOWNLOAD, please sign up at or On Sundays at SMHAS she leads a 10:30 Meditation Service and 11:00 Inspirational Message with music and children’s services for 3 yrs. & up.

Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman, the Spiritual Director of Oneness Center O.C., has been an ordained minister for more than 18 years. She is also an empowerment coach, inspirational speaker and published author of several books, including one she co-authored with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Terry Cole Whittaker called, “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love – In Spirit.” In her interview with Radiance, she shares her passion for helping others achieve their life-vision through spiritual growth and overcoming past programming. — Editor

Current events can challenge us at times. How do you deal with them? 

JANETTE: I’m interested in them, of course, because I’m human. I mean, it’s kind of juicy, but it can be addictive—because it’s drama. In many ways, though, it’s the same scenarios we’ve faced our entire lives—there’s drama, conflict and negativity, and we’re naturally drawn to it and captivated by it. That’s why we have a spiritual practice, because the same principles are always at work, whether it’s a national or global event or a family or relationship event, right? We need to ask, “Where is our vibration? Are we vibrating at a higher level of consciousness? Are we emanating love? Are we emanating light? Where am I energetically?” Whether it’s family issues or political issues, we want to make sure we honor other people’s opinions and come back to a more empowered and centered vibration. Only then can we be a positive force for change.

What propels your passion for inspiring and empowering others?

There are no other soul choices for me.  It is all I have ever been called to do.  My passion is to first grow myself, evolve and awaken spiritually.  Secondarily, my gift is teaching, so I love to give that gift.


What is your core teaching?

I teach and practice from a model I call the Four Levels of Consciousness. It’s a metaphor of a four-level house where the first floor represents how we feel when we’re in our flight response, the lower vibration, where we’re very powerless, depressed, insecure and anxious. We have very little energy, we want to escape. The second floor is a fight response. Our emotions are more active, aggressive and our ego is generating power. Here we’ll get angry, fight back or try to get revenge. The third floor is where we’re accessing higher consciousness. We’re filled with optimism, faith and love. The fourth floor is what I call the “Observatory,” where we’re observers. It’s our Higher Consciousness, where we observe our changing state of emotions and others without ego attachment.

How do we move between these floors?

By either desperation or inspiration. Every time we’re triggered down to the first or second floor, it activates our “stuff.” Our past history, our programming, our past pain, which completely colors our perception so we’re not seeing clearly. If we’re living down there, we can’t access higher levels of inspiration, creativity or new ideas that can produce solutions and create new opportunities. So, I say, when you take a trip downstairs, process it, heal it and get back upstairs. I’m completely interested in “What do I need to do to be able to live on levels three and four most of the time?” That’s my intention. I want to feel good. I want to feel God. Only when I’m living up in that realm, am I any use to anybody. And, anyway, it’s no fun to live down there, and I want life to be fun! It’s not about ignoring it though; it’s about dealing with our own issues that took us downstairs in the first place.

What is the foundation of your beliefs?

For nearly 20 years, I’ve been a Religious Science Ordained Minister, and have taught The Science of Mind, ie, the study of consciousness. Meditation comprises a big part of my practice. Another deep foundational study has also been the “‘I Am’ Discourses,” which has been in my life since I was 18.  My North star is my own “I Am Presence.” The I Am Presence is the Divine individualized as me. I Am that, I Am. When I say that, I get it. I Am is God. I Am is the Presence doing the talk. I Am is the Presence having this conversation. I Am knows the answers. I Am is the Power. As for Janette Freeman? She has a good personality and is an okay person, but she’s as insecure as anybody else, and has the same fears and anxieties; but the I Am of me doesn’t worry. And it’s a daily practice to come back to “I Am that.” That is what realigns me. Loving the Divine Presence, and the Divine Presence loving me. I can give devotion to this Presence and surrender to this Presence. I could stress about what to do in a situation, but when I ask Divine Presence, it knows what to do. When I’m in this relaxed state of mind, everything works out, I know everything will be just fine.

What do people come to you for?

Most people are living 90% of their lives out of their subconscious programming and are completely unaware that they’re being driven by it. Most of us were raised with some sort of dysfunction and developed this automated system that reacts- in order to protect themselves and survive in this world of limitation and fear. Yet, we also have this high ideal based in spiritual truth that we are part of God and perfect, whole and complete.

So how can we get to that place of “whole and complete” more often?

First, we realize, with compassion, that this programming exists, and then we practice feeding ourselves from a fountain of spiritual truth and a regular, consistent spiritual practice. This actually rewires the brain towards the happiness and freedom we’re seeking, and is even proven by the science of neuroplasticity, which says we can evolve the brain into an instrument that serves our awakening more profoundly. I’m passionate about supporting people in their awakening to their higher self and living greater lives based upon spiritual truth, not their physical and emotional history. This is what my first book was about, Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Key to Lasting Transformation. The book is about how we live out of our old programming and how to shift that. Even after doing a lot of work on ourselves, people who are achieving spiritual growth still sometimes ask, “Why did this happen to me again?”

Why do we let it happen again?

We don’t let it happen. It happens automatically because of the programming.

What can we do right now to break out of this programming and lead the lives we want?

Repetition is the key. Our programming was created by repetition and, so, repetition of positive, empowering thoughts and practices create the shift and will take us to new places. Just having a new, positive thought once or twice is nice, but unless we’re activating high-level repetition, it usually doesn’t take root. We have to realize it, create a new pattern, rinse and repeat.

So we’re not staying focused on a new habit long enough?
Exactly. If we don’t create a new program, the old programming always wins.

What can we do?

One thing is exposing ourselves to audio and video teachings, positive community and supportive friends, daily reading and input as part of our practice. It can and does fit into your life if you want to win. It will transform your life. What we think about, we bring about.


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