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Why Pet Guardians Call Me

Why Pet Guardians Call Me

Insights on Your Pets’ Purpose

Do you want to know your pet better? Contact me, Kara @ Pet’s Eye View, for an appointment at (949) 282-3506 or Want to learn the basics of animal communication? Attend my September and October courses at Awakenings in Laguna Hills.

People ask what happens in an animal communication session. The answer: I share telepathic information with your pet or pets. They send me words, pictures, emotions and physical sensations that explain their physical and emotional experience of living with you as their guardian. My mission is simple: to strengthen the bonds between pets and their people. Here are common topics we tackle weekly.

Getting to Know A Kitten or Puppy: The most charming appointments are baby meetings. There are no known issues, but people want to understand the essence of this new family member.

Adopting A Rescue Animal: One Sheltie named Sadie kept snapping at the friends of the elderly woman who recently adopted her. During our session, we discovered Sadie had been in three foster homes and LOVED her new guardian, but all the people who had ever taken her, including away from her original home, were older women. She didn’t want to be taken away again, and felt growling made her safe. Once assured that this was her “forever home,” she was a changed dog.

Taming A Pushy or Aggressive Animal: I often get calls from people with an animal whose personality is larger than life. Sometimes their souls are just huge and they need a more important job or more activity. Other times the owner hates rules and avoids obedience training, so the dog thinks he’s in charge. I ask the person to really commit to their animal because both the person and the pet must change to create true harmony.

Handling Conflict in A Multi-Pet Home: Adding a new pet to a home with existing pets is challenging. I identify areas of conflict, territory, insecurities and traits that lead to solutions in order to make every animal feel important.

Is it Time? My personal ethics prevent me from telling people if or when to euthanize their pets, and my experience tells me that often the vet prognosis is off or the animal wants more time. What I can tell you is the pain severity and if the animal is open to more treatment. Pets often say they aren’t dying that day and, instead, they want parties or ice cream. Months later, they have often improved. The owner-pet bond is strong; trust that you will know when it’s time.

Talking to A Pet Who’s Passed Over: Whether it’s been two weeks or 20 years, it’s always wonderful to talk to someone’s beloved pet.

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