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Women Stepping into Their Light

Leave Body Issues and the

Tina Ghahramani is an Intuitive Life Coach, holistic mama and earth-bound goddess. She can be reached at (949) 304-9748 for a free consultation.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, Tina Ghahramani-Singh is very effective at getting you to remember your radiant self. –Editor

So you’re an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach who focuses on… Women. Women stepping into their light, or more accurately, reclaiming their light. As a woman you can lose yourself somewhere along the line, whether it’s because of a relationship you’re in, or you became a mother, or you’re going through a powerful life transition, you want to reclaim your light so you can live a fulfilling life, and I can help you with that.

Are there other areas of life women lose themselves? Yes, with body image issues. That begins early, from puberty. And then it shows up when we’re adults, when we’re dating. It certainly came up for me. Post-pregnancy, it shows up again there.

You’ve talked about how women are particularly conditioned to be people-pleasers. Yes, and we can lose ourselves there too, starting with childhood when someone says, “You have to do things my way.”

So once we wake up to it, we have to go back and be our own parents to ourselves. Yes! I have great parents, but they didn’t know how to nurture me like a spiritual child. From adolescence to the teen years, there are so many opportunities to lose ourselves, and we do! High school, body issues, not fitting in… being who we’re not because we want to find a boyfriend… Or maybe you want to be part of a girls’ group.

Did that factor in as a woman, or does everyone automatically outgrow all that? No. As women, it’s not easy to be with your peers. Acceptance by other women is not a given, and my clients want to work that out so they’re comfortable with who they are in any situation. Plus, we want to be appreciated, desired, and definitely not taken advantage of, or taken for granted. We want a peaceful balance while we freely express ourselves. In fact, it’s our birthright.

Where do you begin? By agreeing that external stimuli should not be allowed to rule our emotional, psychological or spiritual states. Once we put this idea firmly in place, we can look at the times we let compliments affect us too much. Or the pursuit of them. Or perceived insults that we let bring us down. None of that matters when we’re whole and complete with ourselves. I help my clients do the inner work so they’re unbeatable to the world.

You did the inner work. Yes, starting with heavy depression. I didn’t know how to be myself, how to have self-acceptance, how to be loved. But I’m at peace with all of that now, and I want other women to have that same peace.

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