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Spiritual Practitioners: Finally Get Seen By Network-Sized Audiences

Spiritual Practitioners: Finally Get Seen By Network-Sized Audiences

Brad and Kasey Wallace

Learn more at or dive right in and call Brad directly at 435-668-8894

Seemingly out of nowhere a new spiritual network came into being that offered only empowering information from inspirational authors, healers, spiritual practitioners and wellness experts of all kinds. Xpnsion Network (on Roku and Amazon Fire Stick and seen by 60-70,000 viewers a week, according to Google analytics) is the brainchild of Brad and Kasey Wallis. It provides free interview sessions to people like you who want to raise the vibration of the planet through your gifts and offers affordable ways to get you to a much bigger audience than a Facebook boost gets anyone. If you’re ready to take that step, read on:

You’ve been offering free exposure on Xpnsion Network in the form of interviews with practitioners at the major events for some time now. You have an actual network! KASEY: Yes, ahd the idea initially to just put up our own content on it, because we had our problems getting onto other platforms. We had a tech team that was savvy enough to create a channel but then we were told by Julius* that this was to be much larger; that it’s to provide a platform for other practitioners. “It’s going to be a network.” I resisted that until I realized that “A professional built the Titanic; an amateur built the Ark.” “Accelerating the consciousness of humanity” is the tagline of Xpnsion Network. BRAD: We’re growing with numbers I didn’t think imaginable, with 60-70,000 viewers a week just on the little bit of programming that we have. It just goes to show you the need out there in the world for (inspirational) programming.  

So if I’m a practitioner or teacher who has classes and workshops to offer or talk about my modality, do I fly out to your studio in Southern Utah to see you and shoot the program? Do I shoot my own content and you air it? And where is it being shown? KASEY: What we do is allow the practitioner to pitch their program to us. Once we move forward and receive their content, we upload it onto the Roku and Amazon networks. That content can go up either twice or four times a month. They can openly speak about their websites and product with full support of their business. We want them to be profitable and successful. We don’t do long term contracts. We keep our costs very low to extend the savings to the practitioner. It’s kind of a fun, cool playground for everybody. 

So if they produce their own half hour program… BRAD: There’s a couple of different ways to do that. Most people want the freedom to do that, but they can also come here to the farm and we’ll produce it for them. We’re right in the middle of national parks with background scenery which can add a lot to your show. KASEY: We’ve got a tech team that helps people with the details of producing a show that seems overwhelming, and we understand you can use some guidance there. It’s not hard, it’s just new skills to learn, and we provide a lot of support. BRAD: The bottom line is, if you’re not into digital media in some form or another with video content, you’re going to be left behind. That’s how fast this platform is expanding. By 2020, with all the new smart TVs coming out, and all the electronic platforms that are connected to all your devices, you’re going to want to be a part of it to get noticed and spread your message. Internet television is just beginning, as are we. We’re very affordable. KASEY: Take the time to make the call to 435-668-8894. That’s Brad’s personal cell number.

*Julius is the collective that Kasey channels ever since Brad’s near-death experience.

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