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You Are Not Your Pain

You Are Not Your Pain

Get to the Cause for Lasting Relief

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Dr. Ben Horning is a holistic chiropractor who specializes in treating the body as an integrated whole. In addition to adjusting the specific misalignments in your body, he also finds out what foods are working for you and which aren’t. His focus is to keep your glands and organs strong and your spine aligned as well as to help enhance your nutrition. —Editor

Do you mentally prepare to give an adjustment? I need to be in present time. To enable a patient to heal and feel better, the best thing I can do for their wellbeing is to be totally present to their individual needs.

You offer a lot more than chiropractic care. What is that? I also bring in the original muscle-testing technique called Applied Kinesiology. It’s a science and an art that involves yes-no questions to really nail down an underlying health issue, which can ultimately result in freeing my patients from pain. You need to be very well-trained to know what issues are physical, chemical or mental.

How does being a holistic practitioner influence your focus with the patient? It means I’m looking at every aspect of them. If we determine through kinesiological testing that there’s a lung issue, I’m going to adjust for that and put them on the right herb and supplement. And the patient is healthier because we strengthened his or her body with natural remedies.

Is that a more Eastern approach? I’d say we take a Western approach to Eastern medicine. Kinesiology started with Aristotle but the modern father of kinesiology is George Goodheart, who worked for the U.S. Olympic team and was very effective with them. It’s considered very mainstream in many circles.

How do you approach pain? Pain is just a symptom so I get to the root. To be truly holistic, you’re looking at a triangle consisting of structural, chemical and mental apexes. If one side of the triangle gets better, the other sides respond in kind. If you look at nutrition, someone with a deficiency in a particular nutrient is going to also have some depression or anxiety or other emotional issue. Chemically, they’re going to be off.

What type of patients seek you out the most? People in pain for some reason. People who drive two hours a day for work. People with migraine headaches or digestion or circulation issues. Food sensitivities are big, especially when we find out it’s wheat or gluten. When you avoid them, strength can return to your body. Often, these sensitivities are symptoms of a deeper issue regarding a nutrient deficiency, which, when replenished, further strengthens your body’s tolerance. No matter what it is, we get to the bottom of your pain and help resolve it.

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