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You’ll Love the Sound of This

You’ll Love the Sound of This

Crystal Bowl Vibrations Heal from the Inside

Rosi Dotson is a Therapy Yoga Instructor and Crystal Bowl Sound Therapist. For group sessions or one-on-one, call (310) 897-4012.

Rosi Dotson brings a Panamanian influence to Crystal Bowl Healing Therapy. She offers sound baths in her Huntington Beach studio and wherever she is needed.

How do you approach sound healing? I was attracted to it because of how it made me feel and I wanted people to have that feeling as well.  After I got certified, I knew I wanted to incorporate different spiritualities into it, yoga, kundalini, Pradnya, Reiki and angel therapy. Many modalities, whatever is needed.

Why is each bowl a different size and a different color? Each one is tuned to a specific chakra and each bowl carries the same tone and color as the chakra. Seven chakras, seven bowls.

What does the client experience? You lie down, take your glasses off and completely relax. Start doing some deep breathing. I will bring in some essential oils and scents, and turn on some music. I’m going to then ask God, your spiritual guides, the archangels, who are all here with us right now, I’m going to ask them to bring us the light to guide us. We’ll open the session with three notes. Each note will elevate you and will strengthen your divine connection.

Can people come to you for this experience or do you go to them? If you’re giving a party, a wedding or almost any activity where you want to give your guests a special experience they will remember forever, I bring my bowls. If you want to give a treat to your significant other or friends, I come to you. Sometimes people want me to clean the aura of an area because the energy of the crystal vibration removes all the negativity and causes your own vibration to vibrate higher. Everything starts to move in here (gestures to her heart). As you know, when you vibrate higher, all the good things happen in your life.

Do people come to you with depression? Yes, depression is helped and so is anxiety or any low-vibrating emotion like jealousy, worry or stress. The vibration is very low. You can also help resolve this by communing with nature to clean your vibration. Meditation, yoga and the foods you eat help you vibrate higher as well. The crystal bowls can remove all the “dust.”

The dust? The “dust,” I call it. The stagnation, the bad energy. The crystal starts tuning you and the vibrations increase and you shake off the bad energy. This is really noticeable in a one-on-one session. As long as the person is open with me and they allow me to use my other skills as a spiritual coach to determine what we want to work on today. I ask how you feel, what’s happening in your life. Once I know this, I can set my intentions for healing. I put on some music and we begin.

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