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Your Ability to Manifest is Being Sabotaged—But No More!

Your Ability to Manifest is Being Sabotaged—But No More!

By Zulmara Maria


If you want more abundance in your life, specifically more money, you need only do one thing:

Tweak your money story.

Because the story you’re telling yourself is dictating how much you’ll get, and you probably don’t know that your good intentions are being sabotaged by these story beliefs—limiting beliefs—every day and every hour.

This level of subconscious sabotage is even enough to counter your “Law of Attraction” affirmations.

Where do these limiting beliefs come from? Your parents, maybe. Karma, some say.

Regardless, they’re reversible. Here are ten things you can do to escape the sabotage and thrive with abundance:


  1. Understand your limiting beliefs and break through them – do you secretly believe that rich people don’t go to Heaven, that wealthy people are all terrible people, and that money just doesn’t grow on trees? Start telling yourself the opposite. That wealthy people DO go to Heaven, for instance, and get ready for abundance!


  1. Nurture a tribe for supporting your endeavors – get colleagues and friends who unconditionally support your campaigns, to share in your story, and help grow your audience.


  1. Build a team that helps – barter, share, and support others along the way in a mutually beneficial fashion.


  1. Cultivate a deeper YES – fully grasp how your soul’s purpose is directly related to the wealth and abundance you have to share.


  1. Have a purpose for your millions – give your money a purpose and your money will come to you with ease and grace.


  1. Know it is not a zero-sum game – there is more than enough for everyone, so if you get yours, you are not depriving someone else from getting theirs. Also, when you get yours, you will be in a position to help others get theirs.


  1. Be generous with what you already have – abundance begets abundance. Generously share what you have and you will have more to share.


  1. Appreciate how abundance is created – what are the many and varied paths you have at your disposal for creating wealth and abundance? Which one will you pursue? How do you take baby steps in a number of them?


  1. Create your path to a million – everything is created twice, once in your mind and once when you actualize it. Create your path to a million in your head then follow your bliss. Change this up as many times as needed as you pursue your dreams.


  1. Tell the money story you want to live – understand you are currently living a money story. If you want to live another story, you have to tell yourself a different story. Tell the money story you want to live.

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