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Your Angels Are Waiting

Your Angels Are Waiting

Call and They’ll Come

By Michele Amburgey – Angelic Channel

I wanted to know the best way angels can help us manifest in life, and Archangel Chamuel came in with a bubbly pink energy and said, “Angels are here, for the most part, to help humanity set good intentions and to fulfill them in the best way possible.”

“If angels are guiding us,” I asked, “Why do we make so many mistakes?”

I heard AA Chamuel giggle, and then felt her draw closer to me, her energy so loving and gentle. “We are here to help, not to override your free will. But most people don’t even think to ask.”

As a spiritual teacher, I know that daily prayer and meditation is the key to working with the Angels. I asked for the next step.

She says, “Your next step is to set a conscious intention to connect with us. Simply call upon us, by name or as a group, and ask us what you want to accomplish. Ask us to help you word it correctly so that you receive the very highest and best good for you. You will then be in a quiet space to listen.”

“Keep in mind, you don’t always hear from us with your ears. Sometimes you will hear from us with your mind, or in symbols, songs or words from a friend. Keep your mind open and be patient.”

She gave an example: “Let’s say Mary wants to set an intention to finish her book by the end of the year and for it to be successful. Mary would sit quietly and call upon her angels, or myself, and ask to be guided as to setting the highest intention. She would then wait for her inspiration, whether from hearing or seeing or simply knowing. This is the intention I would inspire her with:

‘I, Mary, set the intention to finish my book by the end of this year. My intention is to be able to finish quickly and easily, knowing that everything I need to do this is provided for me.  And everyone I need help from, comes to me. I AM able to complete my book with ease and grace. My book will be received with positive feedback and will become a NY Times Best Seller. I will receive a large amount of financial income from this book, allowing me to live the life I have always dreamed of!! I thank all of my guides and angels for their help. I now give this intention to my angels, the messengers of God, to fulfill this in the very best way!!’

“You will find that setting intentions with the Angels will lead you to magical new beginnings and a life filled with Joy!!”

I offer classes and personal sessions to help you learn to communicate with your guides and angels. And I can pretty much promise that Archangel Chamuel will be there to support and guide you!

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