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Your Best Gift to Yourself: Holistic Health Treatment

You Deserve It

To acknowledge the deep benefits of holistic healing, we’re celebrating with Holistic Healing Awareness Day on March 24. Go to for details.



Someone suffers with pain.
Naturally, they look for a cure. If they don’t find one right away, they keep looking.
Let’s say they try A and it doesn’t work.
They try B and it works temporarily, as long as they keep taking it. But it has some nasty side effects—and I mean nasty—that require taking other medications to alleviate the nastiness.
Discouraged, they try C to assist B, but it’s addictive. Now other things in life suffer like jobs, relationships, sleep.
Then a family member or maybe someone you just happen to encounter tells you about a holistic healer who helped them and could possibly help you. “Who is this person?” you ask. You find out this healer resolved significant health issues through natural remedies and, with that success, decided to leave their job and train and study to make a living helping other people get the same results.
“Wait,” you ask, “You can do that?”
Your mind answers too quickly: “No, you can’t just quit your job on a whim and go save the world. That’s not how the world treats humanitarians. The real world requires brutal competition, the daily grind and then you get your weekends free, if you’re lucky.”
Your friend says, “Yes, you can pursue a vocation that gives your life purpose. In fact, that’s exactly the type of passion you want in a person exploring your mental, physical and emotional states of being to determine the real issues. Is that real enough for you?”
“Does insurance cover this?”
“Some of it but not most.”
“So you pay for this sort of thing?”
“It’s called self-care, and it’s a necessity.”
Before we can wrap our head around the fact that there are holistic professionals who inquire about our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, we have to wrap our head around the idea that self-care is an inalienable right and an honor to being a conscious, aware, happily alive person.
Too many of us feel we don’t deserve it, so we slough it off as costing too much and wasting too much time, and we go back to medicating with pills, excessive alcohol or food or any of a number of distractions that don’t address the root of our pain, depression, anxiety, etc. We don’t look at healing and holistic self-care as an investment in our wellbeing that will affect every aspect of our lives and provide positive effects for years to come.
You are an amazing person with gifts no one else can give quite like you and they need not be denied anyone or any more. Treat yourself well so you can give what you were sent here to give. Who knows? The journey will probably show you more of yourself than you know now and, even more likely, what you’re meant to do here, now.

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