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Your Body Talks to Me

And Tells Me What Needs to be Healed

Teri Stanley is a holistic healer who gets to the root-causes of her clients’ imbalances through Kinesiology to bring about peace and wholeness, and she’s offering a free consultation to new clients. —Editor

When someone comes to you with a trauma or a block, how do you approach it? My job is to listen, identify, clear and balance the body. Everybody’s body has an energy system. It’s how our brain communicates with the rest of the body, sending the signals up and down through our spinal cord. Using kinesiology, which is muscle testing, I’m able to tap into that person’s energy and, more likely, their subconscious, to get at the root that’s causing the underlying imbalance. And I don’t guess—your body tells me in real time.

How? First, I literally step into your energy field—I stand close to you to do this. I can then do your muscle-testing with my body. This allows things to move quickly, and I can be very thorough. Let’s say a client’s body tells me they need their neurolymphatics rubbed for the kidney meridian. It might say, “That feels really good but I need you to unblock the blockage in this way.” So it’s very specific to that person’s needs.

Why did you pursue a life as a healer? I’ve always been connected to my angels and on a spiritual path. I knew I was feeling things most other people weren’t feeling. I could always work with energy. It was just something I was good at. When it came to being a Prayer Warrior and praying over people’s bodies, I could always see things, move things, change things. It was just interesting to me and I thought everybody could do that. So right when I was asking Spirit, “What do you want me to do?” kinesiology fell into my lap, which led me to getting certified as a kinesiologist. But I will use whatever method or modality that individual person’s body is telling me to use.

Healing is not a one-size-fits-all thing. If somebody comes in with a mindset of “I will only be healed by Reiki,” then, no matter what I tell them, I can’t heal them because the mind is so powerful. Your thoughts control your reality to the point where, when you say something, that’s going to be true for you.

Do people come to you with symptoms? Once they’ve stopped ignoring them, yes. Too many people suppress the symptoms of stress and anxiety and trauma because they’re busy—they have a deadline or a child’s soccer game to go to. They need to learn to listen to the body again.

What do you mean again? Relearning. As children, we knew innately how to listen to our bodies, such as when to back away from someone energetically and to express ourselves openly and speak up when something didn’t taste good. I mean, we were blunt little children until we got conditioned to act a certain way. I talk all throughout the session and teach people how to do that again. Because your body is trying to communicate with you all the time, including right now, at this very moment.

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