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Gosia Lorenz

For more information, visit: or call 949-315-9260. YouTube Channel: Gosia Lorenz. For divorce mediation, visit:  

    We live in a world where knowledge is power. We put emphasis on facts and proven, touchable reality. We want to control and know for sure. We analyze data to make the right decisions. We live trying to do the right and avoid the wrong. 

    Does this sound like you? 


    You tend to trust your intuition, follow your awareness, look for the signs, consult with the guides, angels, cards, and psychics? 


    You are somewhere in-between, having mastered the navigation of energies, whispers, and common sense? 

    Wherever you are, I would like to share my perspective on innate wisdom, intuition, knowing, and awareness. 

    I lived the first 30+ years of my life questioning myself, asking for advice, not knowing what to do, or what to choose. When I started studying various healing modalities, what I really needed to work on was trusting myself, my intuition, and higher wisdom. 

    I religiously practiced using pendulums, muscle testing techniques, perceiving and feeling the subtle energies in my body, lightness and heaviness of my being. I slowly started trusting my intuition. When teaching, facilitating, or working with clients, even when the craziest information showed up, I shared it, usually to have it confirmed by them.

    Today I look at the energy of everything and trust what I get. From: does my body want or require this food or supplement to, is this person an Arcturian or Pleiadian? I receive and accept information I don’t understand or that doesn’t make much sense. I choose what feels the lightest, not worrying about the outcome. I detach from the “why” and “how”? Me trusting myself has liberated me beyond the limitations of my mind, past, or cultural programming.   

    I believe that we all have access to an unlimited source of information. We can tap into the library of knowledge, mystical wisdom, and use it. We can also recall what we knew in all other lifetimes, here and on other planets. EVERYTHING is available to us, right here and right now.

    The energy never lies. When you learn how to read it, you’ll always know what’s true for you. 

    How to strengthen your intuition: 

  • Clear or release the doubt.
  • Listen to the whispers and subtle signs of your intuition. The more you acknowledge it, the stronger it will get. 
  • Make sure you always are the only one in your body, that no other beings are present, that could distort your awareness. You can use muscle testing or pendulum. 
  • Disconnect and disentangle from matrixes, places, and people that can influence you.
  • Listen to what people say and perceive if the energy of the words is light and you open up energetically or you feel the opposite? 
  • Ask, for example: If I accept this job/go on a date with him/her/buy this property, what will my life be like/will I enjoy it/will it make me money? Notice if the energy is light and flowing, or stuck and heavy? This is your powerful intuition letting you know the outcome. Don’t worry about the details. If you are vested in the outcome, you might block the best available results for you. Trust that everything you require, desire, and need will be delivered to you.  
  • Don’t rely more on your guides or angels than on you. They are here to assist you, not live your life for you. 
  • Become the leader of your life. If you are in the flow and congruence with the true, most authentic you, you will receive support from EVERYTHING around you. 

Your intuition is your greatest wisdom, gift, and compass that will lead you to a conscious life filled with joy, love, and abundance. 


Gosia Lorenz is a transformational coach, healer, public speaker, published author, and divorce mediator. Clients hire her to eliminate energetic blocks, clear entities, overcome limitations, release painful past, and raise their vibrations. For more information, visit: or call 949-315-9260. YouTube Channel: Gosia Lorenz. For divorce mediation, visit:  






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