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Your Pet’s Wellness and  Yours Are Intertwined

Your Pet’s Wellness and Yours Are Intertwined

By Kara Udziela

When people think about wellness when it comes to their pets, where could they start? Well, when a dog senses an leadership vacuum in the house, they’ll act out, so the first key to their wellness is: choosing a purpose for your pet. If you don’t choose their purpose, they will choose their own, which may not work for the household because it could over-aggravate certain natural tendencies, which could be bad, or they will try hard to make up for energy leadership that’s missing in the home, especially dogs. Whether they’re a beta or zeta dog, they’ll act “psycho,” and cause people to think they’re ferocious when they’re just scared out of their minds that nobody appears to be in control, so they have to be. Get the emotional wellness right first. Learn what their natural strengths and weaknesses are that need to be molded and encouraged or perhaps tamped down.

As an animal intuitive, or psychic, how does that come into play? I will sit down with the animal and “read” them. I immediately ask them what their essence is and their personality, and then they will give me words, pictures, and feelings that represent that. Some of them will show themselves in police uniforms. Others will show sunshine behind their heads, like they’re just meant to be happy. They’ll say things like, “I’m the baby,” things like that. Then I share this information with the person so they can stop reacting (consciously or unconsciously) into a dysfunctional dynamic, which the animal will also react to.

Do people need therapy before they get pets? No. Not at all. One part of being a great animal communicator is not just communicating with the animal but being able to talk to a person in a way that they can hear without being defensive.

Can you give me an example? I’m a good listener, and when I’m listening to people I can hear where the issue is that frustrates them. I might say, “Does the fact that Jack the cat keeps you up all night yowling and yowling, does it remind you of anyone who had such a huge personality in your life that you always had to tiptoe around or kept you on your toes?” They might say, “Yeah. My dad was always… We were always tiptoeing around my dad. Well, how about if it reminds me of my father, but I’m not 12, right? I don’t need to let a cat ruin my life.” All of a sudden, the cat stops yowling, but wait! Lo and behold they call me a week later worrying that their cat’s not yowling, because the pattern has been broken, and sometimes we’re not comfortable with the pattern breaking.

Wow. That’s deep. Right? That’s one aspect of animal wellness. I’m also a big proponent of food, like the right food. We always feed them raw food or parts of our food.” Definitely fruits and vegetables that are appropriate for animals need to be added to their diet, but people complain that it’s too expensive. However, are you gonna pay for it now or, just like we as humans, are you gonna pay for it later?

Right. With illness. I think that our grandparents had it right when they were feeding kitchen scraps to their dogs, their dogs lived a long time, and we have one in two dogs getting cancer because we’re feeding them the bottom of the barrel kibble from processed meats, so we have all allergies and illness.

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