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Why Your Smile is Worth a Million Bucks Right Now, by Lauren Galey

Why Your Smile is Worth a Million Bucks Right Now, by Lauren Galey

Lauren Galey

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    Once I processed the waves of fear and anger at how the frack we got on this timeline of global lock-down (let’s call it safe-harboring), I was filled with motivation and clarity of what my next action steps were. This is Divine Instruction. Divine Inspiration.

    And as I learned from spiritual teachers what is really going on, I felt relief knowing that this old timeline of the 3D Paradigm of fear will not survive on the organic/paradise/ascension timelines created by our choices in Each Now Moment to Move/Act/Vibrate in Love.

I was aligned and felt good, and motivated into action of my Heart’s desire

    As I connected within and breathed through my fear (cried it out in some instances), I was able to clear the fear. In a few moments, I was aligned and felt good, and motivated into action of my Heart’s desire.

 To Process the Old is Freedom

    To say goodbye to the old paradigm, we must look at the densities we carry from it. This is every emotion/feeling/thought/program based on fear – anger, hatred, blame, victimhood, lack. As we look at all emotions of such and process them, we transcend them, understanding from a higher perspective of the lessons they offer.

    If we choose to really look into our fears, and see where they are coming from, or if they are even ours to carry as we feel (& see) the collective mass (wearing masks), we can clear every fear trigger quickly by simply breathing in the now moment.

    I heard in my Heart yesterday, The World is Processing Fear. I also saw many who can easily slip into depression in this phase, but I see many who hear the heart-calling, stepping up to serve in this way.

    That’s why your Loving Genuine Authentic Heart-Radiating Smile is worth a million bucks Now.

    According to spiritual teachers and channels commenting on this global pandemic, the call for lightworkers, Starseeds, Awakened Ones, and New Earth Leaders is now loud and clear.

It’s time to get Wildly Creative with New Earth Solutions.

    (That simply means to Live from the Heart and think of solutions or new ways of Being in Love.)

    Television (and all mainstream) news is a broadcaster of fear. If you choose to “peek” at it, then do so from a point of non-judgmental observation and your ways to contribute on New Earth. Funnel any and all anger or frustration or blame into personal responsibility in your own life and ask – what can I do to assist? You’ll either see how you have something to offer or not, so you can move on in peace, thriving in your own energy and creations, stepping into your purpose and mission on Earth. It begins with your Joy and Passion, doing what you love.

    So, go do what you love daily and the Divine Inspiration and Ideas of how to make it a reality will soon follow. (Hint * Make a List of 5 Things that you love, then increase it to 10. Then Go Do It.) 

New Earth Host Lauren Galey hosts Quantum Conversations, a global podcast and marketplace assisting those on the path of Higher Consciousness. This program supports you in raising your vibration and the vibration of the planet. Find out more at

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