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You’ve Blocked Your Inner Voice—Now What?

You’ve Blocked Your Inner Voice—Now What?

How to Get Easy Access to Intuitive Intelligence

I can happily assist you in all of this. As a Soul Coach and ThetaHealer, I particularly specialize in helping women heal. If you’d like to find clarity, create abundance in health and wealth energies or expand your psychic senses, call me at (818) 653-8262 or go to For my free guide called, “Rituals to Help You Manifest Abundance,” go to my website and sign up for my newsletter.

Spiritually minded people know the easiest way to move along the spiritual journey is to listen to and follow your intuition, which is the inner voice of your highest self.

Unlike logical or conscious reasoning, intuition comes to you in a flash. So life should be easy, right?

Not so fast. It turns out there are seven reasons why you can’t access your intuitive intelligence, along with their remedies:


  1. We have spiritual impurities. Humans are layered with inhibiting beliefs and fears that take us away from our Higher Self. This challenge can be met when you do the inner work to install empowering information so you become a clear vessel, a clean slate.


  1. Not grasping that there is something deeper than our own knowledge. When you’re connected to your Higher Self, information comes from Source and you become one. Once you acknowledge this, it’s easier to listen and act on it. Anything else shows noncommitment, that you’re not taking your intuition seriously. This can stop your intuition from communicating with you.


  1. Comparing yourself to others’ methods.I was told that meditation is the best way (being still, listening to music, incense), but it didn’t work for me at first. It was so frustrating. What helped me was something called “active meditation.” I would take a walk for 30 minutes and ask a question. Someone (my Higher Self) would start talking to me. Now I have two forms of meditation to use.


  1. Your body is stuck with bad memories.Your body remembers every trauma, fear and unmet need. Even from the womb and past lives! You might think you forgot and forgave, but chances are your body hasn’t released it yet.


  1. Your environment is toxic. Where you work, live and interact with others could be a toxic drain on your life force. Anything that’s toxic brings drama and drama drowns your voice. Clearing and cleansing yourself in this situation is a must.


  1. Your body is tense. Free your body from tension. Go get a massage. Do yoga or Zumba. When you move your body, you create new energy. More exercising helps you get into your flow. Inspiration can come from exercising.


You simply don’t know how to access your higher self. I recommend starting with some tools. I’m a big fan of oracle cards, particularly the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue, PhD. Pull some cards, once a day, once a week, to create a consistent tool to help you connect with your Higher Self

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